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Best Family Safaris in Uganda

For young children who cannot engage in tiring activities such as game drive, hiking, or birding. We take them to the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (Uganda Zoo) to view lions, baboons, parrot, and crested cranes among others. Engage them in entertaining children's games, as well as taking them to for some cultural experience. As a family, Visit Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga National park located in western Uganda, home to the endangered mountain Gorillas which are open for tracking by a group of 8 tourists per day, and only children above the age of 15 years, watching these Apes interact is very amazing and worth viewing, the mothers take real care of their young ones as the silverbacks offer security to the group.

Chimpanzee trekking is as well a big deal for a family, watching our closest relatives in their natural environment is something unforgettable, the skills they use to get what to eat from the ground is a replica of human knowledge. Trekking these primates can be done in Kibale Forest National park that hosts over 13primate species including vervet monkeys, baboons, and Columbus monkeys to mention but a few, though only children above 15years can be getting involved in the activity. Budongo forest, Ngamba island are other destinations you can visit, Ngamba has allows all children above 6years thus most preferable.

Get to Hike two famous mountains in Uganda as a family, approximately 10 days will see you at the summit of Mount Rwenzori, doing nothing but enjoying the scenic views of the snow, as well as different lakes and rivers around the mountain. Mount Elgon is the other place you shouldn’t miss; it is located in Eastern Uganda and offers you’re a chance of sighting the magnificent Sippi falls and various mammals and primates.

Visit Kidepo Valley national park for a rewarding game viewing experience, Murchison falls to sight the most powerful waterfalls in the world, Queen Elizabeth national park for tree-climbing lions, Lake Mburo national park for the Impalas, Semuliki national park for the fascinating sight of the magical hot springs. There are chances of sighting different mammals such as lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos, different bird and plant species. Uganda offers an experience beyond expectation, just book your family safari today and let the family find a story unique from any other story.

Book Uganda family safaris with our family-friendly travel packages with our travel packages and visit the best family travel destinations in Uganda. Having a safari with your family is a perfect way of reaching out to the world, learning new things and bonding together.

The feeling of sharing family love from the wilderness is amazing. The animals and beautiful scenery spice it up the more hence, its not bad to get lost in the jungle once in a while with your family and get a feeling of loneliness together while writing new memories in your lives.

Regarding safety, activities, destinations to visit, accommodation and transport means, all these are put into consideration and depends on how big your traveling group is.

The main goal is making all of you feel the deserved comfort through out your trip and engage yourselves in activities as much as you can. There are countless travel activities a family can engage in during their family safaris in Uganda besides visiting any of the ten national parks spread across the country.

Some of these activities include cultural encounters, city tours, visiting museum and heritage sites, giving back to the community through initiated walks, visiting the source of River Nile (the longest river in the world) in Jinja, relaxing in any of the beaches along Lake Victoria shores and enjoying impeccable moments in Lake Bunyonyi among many other more activities.

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