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Essential Gorilla Trekking Tips – Expert Recommendations and Advice

When going on a gorilla trekking safari, it’s highly advisable to be familiar with gorilla trekking tips and follow the expert recommendations and advice provided in order to fully enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Below are some of the gorilla trekking tips and advice that can be helpful.

Essential Gorilla Trekking Tips - Expert Recommendations and Advice

Tourists going for gorilla trekking must always book their permits at least three months in advance, especially during the peak season, due to high demand.

This applies to all three countries where gorilla trekking is available.

When booking gorilla permits, tourists are advised to book through the organizations responsible for selling permits or use a trusted tour company.

Mountain gorillas inhabit higher elevations in tropical and subtropical rain-forests, which can receive rainfall even during drier months.

Tourists are advised to bring raincoats, warm clothing, waterproof hiking boots, jackets, and garden gloves, among other items.

For budget travelers, the best time for trekking gorillas is during the wet season when Congo gorilla permits cost only $200, and some hotels in Rwanda and Uganda’s gorilla national parks offer discounts on their rates.

Although trekking during this time can be challenging, gorillas are sometimes easier to find because food is abundant, reducing the need for them to move to higher elevations in search of food.

Luxury and mid-range travelers can visit Rwanda, Congo, and Uganda during the dry season when it’s very convenient.

During this time, roads are easily accessible, trekking trails are not muddy or slippery, and it’s also an ideal time to visit other national parks in the country.

When visiting Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for gorilla trekking, tourists should book accommodation within the sector where they have obtained permits to avoid spending a lot of time traveling between lodges in one sector and trekking in another sector.

For people with disabilities, it’s advisable to inform the park headquarters or a tour operator in advance to arrange for sedan seats or bamboo stretchers and allocate a gorilla family that’s closer for trekking.

During gorilla trekking, it’s essential to follow the gorilla trekking rules and regulations to ensure gorillas don’t feel insecure, which could lead to them attacking you.

When planning a gorilla adventure, travelers should engage in physical fitness exercises, as gorillas live in high-elevation areas that require hiking.

Rwanda and Uganda share the same climate zone in their gorilla parks.

Mountain gorillas can be visited all year round, but some months are more convenient than others.

The best time for gorilla trekking is from June to September and December to February.

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