Want to best Zanzibar safaris? Our Zanzibar safari tours have delivered beyond expectations for the past years. Zanzibar is an archipelago located within the Tanzanian mainland; with two famous islands; Pemba and Unguju (Zanzibar) Island. The archipelago has additional 51 neighboring small islands with unique attributes. The name was acquired from two Arabic words, ‘Zenj’, translating to black, and ‘bar’, an Arabic word that translates to land. The two words combined mean ‘Land of the Blacks’. This is how Zanzibar Island was called in the past. People from as far as the Assyria and India came to Zanzibar for various reasons like trade and settlement.  Zanzibar’s history dates back to the 17th century when the Persian and Arab traders arrived in the Island.

Livingston and other European explorers are part of the icon figures who first visited the island before embarking on their exploration of the coast and Africa at large. The beautiful ancient Stone Town in the Zanzibar Island, which is a network of contracted lane covered by coral stone houses, mosques and bazaars is a great place to visit. You can also visit the old dispensary, Livingstone house, Arab Fort and the sultan’s palace. Lets plan your Zanzibar safaris today at the best prices. Contact us today for affordable Zanzibar safari tours.

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