Rwanda Chimpanzee Trekking in Nyungwe, Permits & Tour Cost

Chimpanzee Safaris in Rwanda

Tracking in Rwanda is one of the most rewarding activities and ranked as the second-best after Gorilla Trekking. It is carried out in a mountain forest of Nyungwe National park, a refuge to a large number primates co-existing together. The park harbors a noticeable 13 primate species recorded, with chimpanzees dominating. Two troops habituated for the tracking adventure; one troop in the larger Nyungwe forest and the second troop lives in Cyamudongo forest, a small patch of forest located to the east of Nyungwe forest.

The chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe commences early in the morning as the trackers converge at the Gisakura ranger station for a briefing by the expert guides before heading to the jungle in quest for these primates. The tracking time differs and can range from 1-6hours depending on where the creatures have relocated, though some times, the guides go-ahead to search for them so that the whole activity doesn’t take a lot of time since they will communicate to the safari guides on the best route to use. There are basic rules to put in mind when heading for a chimpanzee trekking escapade in Rwanda, such as A maximum of 4 visitors per group is allowed for each guided walk, spend one hour with the chimpanzees, keep 8m distance from the point of chimpanzees, maximum silence is expected from all guests, respect for the apes in their territories, don’t eat near these creatures, and only children above 14years are permitted to track chimpanzees.

Equip yourself with good hiking boots for a smooth hike, good HD camera for good and classic photographs, rain jacket to help you in case any rain shore in the forest, Insect repellants to protect you against the insect bites, good hiking attire such as trousers, Binoculars for grabbing the distant and unclear creatures, sufficient water to quench your thirst and so on. This magical park has super luxurious and cosy accommodation that facilitates the safe and peaceful stay of visitors from the entire world, with convenient accessibility and trekking permits affordable for all kinds of travelers.

Rwanda chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe Forest National Park is an awesome activity. Chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda is very affordable. To track chimpanzees in Rwanda, foreigners and foreign non-residents need to pay USD 90 and USD 60 respectively to obtain the chimpanzee tracking permits before they are granted access for the hike. On your chimpanzee trekking expedition, you will see a lot other primates like colobus monkeys. Rwanda has the common chimpanzees species of chimpanzee that have adapted to Nyungwe Forest through different ways.

Chimpanzees are human’s closest relatives sharing over 98% of human DNA. They are huge, very energetic and stay together until a stage in life when they split. The female produces after every five years and feeds their young ones until they are approximately 12 years of age before leaving them to grow on their own. Interestingly, these cousins use human wisdom like using the sticks to pick the termites and rocks to crack the nuts. Lets take you chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda today at the best prices.

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