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Looking to book impressive Congo safaris and gorilla trekking tours in Virunga National Park and Kahuzi-Biega National Park, or hike Mount Nyiragongo in Goma? Look no further! Congo has two gorilla species, the eastern lowland gorillas in Bukavu and mountain gorillas in Goma, making it a top safari destination. Congo is also the second largest country in Africa and a major contributor of oxygen to the planet. Virunga National Park is the oldest park in Africa and offers a unique gorilla trekking experience with stunning scenic views. Additionally, Kahuzi Biega National Park is home to lowland gorillas. Hiking Mount Nyiragongo to see its lava lake is another must-do activity. Let us tailor a lifetime safari in Congo for you at affordable rates. Book now!

Congo Safari Tours & Holidays

Despite the prolonged instability over the years, the security of Congo is bound to improve; especially for open tourist attractions. So many tourists have always wanted to visit Virunga but because of the instability in the country, many have backed out and visited neighboring countries instead. Virunga Foundation is in a bid to hire an international security agency to safeguard the park from rebels. This way, your visit to Virunga National Park will safe. You can then book your Congo gorilla trekking with confidence.

Why visit Virunga National Park

Virunga National Park is not only one of the parks with the most beautiful scenery in Africa, but is also one of the best destinations for mountain gorilla trekking in the whole world. Spanning 8090 kilometers squared, Virunga is home to Congo’s mountain gorillas, Bonobo Chimpanzees plus other apes. The gorilla trekking encounter in this park is raw and much more interesting. You will definitely enjoy your time when you visit Virunga. You can read some more information about Virunga under our travel information section.

Virunga National Park is home to Mount Nyiragongo, one of the world’s most dangerous active volcanoes. Climbing this volcano is strenuous but the views from the top are spectacular. You also get a chance to see its lava lake and take photographs around it.

Why book gorilla tours in Congo

Besides the actual experience, the best reason to book your gorilla tours in Congo is the fact that you will spend less on your gorilla trekking safari. A gorilla permit in Congo costs $400 each; which is $200 lower than Uganda’s $600 price and $1100 lower than Rwanda’s $1500 price. Accommodation in Congo is also cheap unless you book the luxury gorilla trekking lodges like Mikeno Lodge that affiliated to Virunga National Park. In general, Congo is an inexpensive gorilla trekking destination. Trekking gorillas in Congo is also one way of conserving mountain gorillas.

Over the years, so many mountain gorillas in Virunga National Park have been poached for various reasons like bush meat, medicine and more. These gorillas have reduced in numbers and even the remaining ones are scared of humans to some extent. When you go gorilla trekking in Congo, the money you spend on gorilla trekking permits is used to conserve these primates and help them grow in number. You can support Virunga through booking gorilla trips. You do not always have to donate to them. Trekking Congo gorillas is one easy way of showing your support.

When to go on Congo safari tours

January to February and May through to September are considered the best months to have your gorilla safaris in Congo. The other months are rainy and basing on Congo’s road network, visiting during the rainy season is not advisable. Much as you cannot tell when whether it is going to rain when on safari or not, you can reduce this uncertainty by booking your safari for the dry months of the year. Trekking gorillas during the rainy season is a hard task. The terrains can get too muddy and slippery hence; take you more time to hike through.

Weather should be everything as you plan for your safari in Congo. You do not want to trek under rainfall especially when hiking mountainous areas. On a few occasions, rain can fall for the whole day and you will get rained on heavily as you trek. Choosing the dry months will save you all this.

Why choose us for your safaris in Congo

We are the whole tool and box when it comes to organizing tours in Congo. Our Congo experts have toured Virunga National Park, trekked gorillas there and hiked Mount Nyiragongo. We also arrange combined gorilla trips where you visit Congo and other gorilla trekking destinations. We sell you what we have experienced and will advise you prior on the possible challenges that you are likely to face. And just in case of any emergencies, our team will always be there to help you out.

Congo safaris: What to expect from it!

If you are looking for a cheap gorilla trekking destination, Congo should be top on your bucket list. Congo gorilla permits cost only $400 each and some scenarios might subject you to further discounts. These permits are the cheapest compared to the $600 of Uganda and $1500 of Rwanda. The mountain gorillas are the same and i would say the trek in Congo is much more interesting because of Virunga's scenery. Congo gorilla trekking hasn't been experienced by many hence, the experience is kind of raw.

The gorillas are less visited and won't try to hide away from humans as its the case with the other gorilla tracking destinations. For all our trips, you arrive through Kigali in Rwanda and drive to Gisenyi. The following morning is when you cross to Goma and drive to Kibati patrol post to commence with your Congo gorilla trekking experience. From here you will decide to trek and cross over to Rwanda after or spend a night in Goma. Send us an inquiry today and we shall tailor your dream Congo safari.

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