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List of Ruhija Gorilla Groups & Families in Bwindi Forest

Ruhija sector  toe of Bwindi is situated in the Eastern part of the park, the sector is close to Ishasha sector of  Queen Elizabeth national park renowned for the tree climbing lions, its also close to Kobale town in south western Uganda.

The Ruhija sector of Bwindi opened up for gorilla trekking in 2008, the sector had 2 mountain gorilla groups for trekking and one group was dedicated for research purposes but later introduced to trekking and one of the old groups split into two groups.

There are habituated mountain gorilla families that can be trekked from this sector of Bwindi and this include:

Bitukura gorilla family

Bitukura mountain gorilla family was habituated in 2007 with 24 individuals but due to fights within the four silverbacks in the group, some decided to move to other areas. Bitukura mountain gorilla family derives its name from a river where the group was first sighted. Bitukura gorilla family was one of the easiest groups to habitute as it took less than two years to habituate the family. One of the most interesting things about this group is that, its dominated by the second youngest of the four silverbacks which is not so with gorilla families as the oldest is the one to always dominate the group.

Oruzogo gorilla family

Oruzogo mountain gorilla family was opened up for tourism on 2011, this is one of the most interesting gorilla families you can visit well known for many infants and their playful character. Oruzogo mountain gorilla family is dominated by the silverback Bakwate.

Kyaguriro gprilla family

The Kyaguliro mountain gorilla family was a first dedicated for research purposes but later introduced for gorilla trekking, the dominating silverback that led the group at the time of habituation was Rukina who unfortunately died of lightening in 2015. After Rukinas death, Mukiza took over the leadership of the group but an immigrant silverback from Bitukura gorilla family came in and started fights which led to the group separating into two with the formation of Mukiza gorilla family led by Mukiza and Kyaguliro gorilla family dominated by Rukara. This group is the oldest habituated gorilla family in Ruhija sector of Bwindi habituated in 1995.

Mukiza gorilla family

Mukiza mountain gorilla family is the newest mountain gorilla family on Ruhija sector of Bwindi. The group was formed when Mukiza separated from Kyaguliro gorilla family to Starr up his own gorilla family. Kyaguliro family was led by Rukina until his death then Mukiza dominated the group, however an immigrant silverback from Bitukura gorilla family came in to fight Mukiza and took over the family though Mukiza broke off with some members to form Mukiza family which he’s now dominating.

Where to sleep in Ruhija

When trekking mountain gorillas in Ruhija, its important to book accommodation in this same sector of the park and some of the hotels include; Bakiga lodge, Gorilla mist camp, Cuckooland tented camp, Trekkers tavern, Ruhija gorilla safari lodge and Gift of nature among the rest.

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