Gorilla Filming in Rwanda

Gorilla Filming in Rwanda

The gorilla filming experience is a thrilling experience that very few have encountered in the wilderness and it can only happen in the wild because gorillas don’t survive for long in zoos. Tourists planning to do gorilla filming in Rwanda must submit a request to Rwanda development board in advance and also sign in the given forms before gorilla filming.

Gorilla Filming in Rwanda

When planning to do gorilla filming in Rwanda, the filming team is supposed to pay the gorilla trekking fee different from the filming and this can cost $12000 for a maximum group of 8pax because only eight people will be allowed to visit a given family in a day.

Gorilla Filming Permits in Rwanda

The Rwanda filming gorilla permits cost $5000 per person and the $2000 per person security, the $2000 will be refunded back if you leave some copies of your gorilla films at the Rwanda development board. The gorilla filming permits can last for one day

What to bring for gorilla filming

Just like gorilla trekking, gorilla filming will require tourists to come along with long sleeved clothes, rain jackets, warm clothes, water proof hiking boots, energy giving snacks, plenty of drinking water, insect repellents, sun screens and so much more. Mountain gorillas are always moving so you will need to hire potters to help you with luggage at the park headquarters and this will make your filming more easy.

A part from gorilla filming, tourists can also do gorilla trekking at Volcanoes national park in Rwanda. The cost of gorilla trekking is $1500 per person and this should be booked in advance especially during the peak season to avoid disappointment.

Rwanda volcanoes national park offers the most luxurious gorilla trekking the park covers an area of 125 kilometers squared situated about 2 hours drive from Kigali the capital of Rwanda. Rwanda boasts with ten habituated gorilla groups that can be visited by tourists.

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