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Last-Minute Gorilla Safari Bookings – 2024/25 Deals and Permit Tips

Want to book a last-minute gorilla trekking experience in Uganda, Rwanda, or Congo?

Or are you seeking an unbeatable gorilla permit deal for your safari?

Last-minute gorilla safari bookings are becoming more popular day by day.

You can easily get a budget gorilla tour at a bargain on the last minute.

A gorilla permit is a license that allows a visitor to trek with mountain gorillas, and without a permit, one will not be able to undertake this incredible adventure.

Gorilla trekking is one of the most sought-after activities in Africa, although it can be expensive, it is the dream of every traveler.

There are only eight gorilla permits available for trekking each gorilla family in a day, so the demand for permits is extremely high.

That’s why it’s advisable to always book your permit in advance.

If you make a sudden decision to go gorilla trekking, we often have highly discounted last-minute gorilla trekking deals that you’ll love.

Simply contact us here.

Top 10 Last-Minute Gorilla Trekking Tours

Gorilla Trekking in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

  1. 1-Day Express Rwanda gorilla tour (10% off – Use code 1DERGT)
  2. 2-Day Bwindi gorilla trekking from Kigali (8% off – Use code 2DBGTFK)
  3. 2-Day Rwanda gorilla tour (5% off – Use code 2DRGT)
  4. 3-Day Bwindi gorilla trekking from Kigali (8% off – Use code 3DBGTFK)
  5. 3-Day Bwindi gorilla tour from Entebbe/Kampala (8% off – Use code 3DBGTFE)
  6. 3-Day Rwanda gorillas & golden monkeys tour (8% off – Use code 3DRGGMTT)
  7. 3-Day Lowland gorilla trekking in Congo (12% off – Use code 3DLGTTC)
  8. 4-Day Bwindi gorillas & Lake Bunyonyi tour (6% off – Use code 4DBGLBT)
  9. 4-Day Rwanda gorillas & golden moneys tour (5% off – Use code 4DRGGMT)
  10. 6-Day Bwindi gorillas & Masai Mara safari (5% off – Use code 6DBGMMS)

Gorilla trekking permits in Uganda can be obtained from the Uganda Wildlife Authority, or you can use a travel company to assist you in acquiring a gorilla permit.

Gorilla permits are typically booked 5 months in advance, especially during the peak season, due to high demand.

Securing a gorilla permit at the last minute can be very challenging, and in most cases, you might find no availability.

You will have to contact the Uganda Wildlife Authority or the travel company you are using to check for the availability of any permits.

If permits are only available in one of the sectors in Bwindi National Park or Mgahinga National Park, you won’t have a choice but to trek from that region where permits are available.

Last-minute booking of gorilla permits will often lead you to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, with only one habituated family and fewer visitors, unlike Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, which is always highly contested.

There are also permits sold by other tour operators that you can acquire at the last minute.

In conclusion, gorilla permits should always be booked in advance to avoid being disappointed by the unavailability of permits when you have arrived in the country for trekking.

Rwanda and Uganda share the same climate in the gorilla habitats, and the best time to visit both countries for gorilla trekking is during the peak season when the trekking trails and roads leading to national parks are in good condition, which is from June to September and from December to February.

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