Mount Bisoke

Mount Bisoke / Visoke

Mount Bisoke also was known as Visoke is located at the border of Congo and Rwanda thought its summit is found in Rwanda, the dormant volcano is part of the eight Virunga massif volcanoes that were formed as a result of volcanic eruptions.

Mount Bisoke

Mount Bisoke stands on an elevation of 3,700 meters above sea level which required tourists to be in good shape and physically fit to conquer, the mountain is characterized with Hagenia Hypericum forest, lobelia bush, alpine meadows, and bamboo forests.

The northern flank of mount Bisoke has got two small cones that were formed from the 1957 eruptions just a few kilometers from the summit and the tip of the volcano is endowed with a beautiful crater known ad Ngezi that you can easily walk around.

Mount Bisoke is also known for its typical conic shape revealing it’s a volcanic mountain right from the base to the top, the beautiful mountain is always covered with fog throughout the year.

Mount Bisoke can be ascended in four hours and descended in 2 hours, making it a one-day activity though this will depend on the speed and fitness of the hikers and also weather conditions.

The cost of hiking Mount Bisoke is $75 per person and this includes a trained ranger guide who will help you to explore to the top of the mountain and back.

The best time to visit mount Bisoke is during the dry season though volcanoes national park can be visited all year round, some months are better than the rest of the months.

Tourists hiking to the top of mount Bisoke can sleep in hotels around villa gorilla, LA palms hotel, Kinigi guest house, Garden place hotel, Da Vinci gorilla lodge, Faraja hotel, Sabinyo Silverback lodge, five volcanoes boutique hotel, and mountain gorillas nest lodge.

Other Interesting Activities to do

Visit the Karisoke Research Center. The Karisoke research center that was founded by the late Dian Fossey. This research facility is located just at the western valley of mount Bisoke. Fossey, an American primatologist sacrificed most of her life to the study and conservation of mountain gorillas. She started her work in 1966 until it cost her life. She was brutally murdered by poachers in her cabin in Rwanda on 26th December 1985 after several strong attempts to oppose poaching. Fossey was laid to rest at this research facility near her deceased gorilla friends. Karisoke Research Center is one of the places you should not miss while hiking Mount Bisoke.

Bird Watching. Volcanoes national park is home to over 178 species of birds and about 13 species are endemic to the Albertine region some of the birds you can see while hiking mount Bisoke are; Collared Apalis, Archers ground robin, RuwenzoriTuracoo, dusky crimson wing, red-faced barbet, strange weaver and African fish eagle among the rest.

Mountain Gorilla Trekking. Gorilla trekking is the most main activity in Volcanoes national park, the park boasts with 8 habituated gorilla groups open for tourists to visit. Rwanda gorilla trekking starts early morning at the park’s headquarters at Kinigi after a briefing session. Tourists trek the mountains for some hours and when they find gorillas, they have a full hour around them. This is an opportunity to take photos of the gorillas and capture videos. Rwanda gorilla permits cost $1500 each and ought to be booked in advance as they are sold on first-come-first-serve-basis.

Cultural Experience. There are several local communities living around volcanoes national park, the people of Rwanda have an untamed culture with their unique ways of dancing. You can get entertained in one of the lodges by local traditional groups mostly in the evening under the sparkling stars. There is also a lot of handmade crafts that you can buy as souvenirs or you can join women who will teach you basket weaving at a cheap price.

Visit Musanze Caves. The Musanze caves in Rwanda were recognized as tourists attractions in 2013, the dark interior of the caves is led by natural stair cases with some corners forming something like bedrooms. The caves are 2 kilometers long formed by volcanic eruptions in the past around 65 million years ago. While on the way to the caves you will see different species of birds and their Aldo a lot of bats within the caves.

Go Golden Monkey Trekking. Golden monkeys except other monkeys are very exceptional the reason why many travellers are interested in trekking, you can find groups of up to 80 members and very interesting ad they go about their business, they also love cameras with flash lights. The cost of trekking golden monkeys in Volcanoes national park is $100 per person.

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