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Best Honeymoon Safari Holidays in Rwanda

Day or two around Kigali; the Africa’s cleanest city won't mess up the journey of your love life, tour Kigali city and appreciate the value of having an organized classic compound at your home. On the same note, appreciate life by visiting the Genocide memorial grounds as you remember the tens of thousands of innocent people brutally killed by heartless criminals; this will give you as couples a sense of respect to human life as you kick start your long-term relationship. Buy some Jewelry in the local markets around town, or a special gift for yourselves.

Honeymoons in Nyungwe Forest National Park

As a couple, visiting the wild is memory unforgettable, each minute presents unique opportunity of sighting a rare creature you have never seen on earth, the abundant flora and fauna present, breathtaking scenic views and so forth. Nyungwe National park is home to over 13 primate species including chimpanzees that posses 98% of human DNA, very energetic, funny, playful, noisy and adorable to watch. Closely observe and study how the mothers take care of their young ones, something that will reveal to you the beauty in caring for the children.

In addition to the chimpanzees, hold your hands together and have a lifetime canopy walk on top of the tree branches as you study the primate’s jump from one tree to another, butterflies so beautiful to watch and singing birds, as you swing across the different plains of Rwanda.

Honeymoons in Volcanoes National Park

It is fun starting your married life with a visit to volcanoes National Park, located beneath the rough summit of Mount Sabinyo. The park is a famous refuge to the remaining endangered mountain Gorillas open for trekking by all visitors who visit the park. After briefing, you will head to the jungle in quest for these gentle giants, following the footsteps of your guide, to the allocated gorilla family. The hike can last for up to 6hours depending on the direction of the Apes, so carry enough water to quench your thirst, good hiking shoes, long-sleeved shirts, and trousers. There is no better way of starting a romantic relationship than having a honeymoon vacation in Rwanda. Book your safari today and experience true love from the wilderness.

Want to book Rwanda Honeymoon Safaris? We present to you the best romantic getaways to top honeymoon destinations in Rwanda. Having an amazing honeymoon vacation is a wonderful moment for couples who have just entered into matrimony. The vibrant faces, unending romance, flattering laughter’s and close eye-contact becomes the order of the day. Choosing Rwanda as your honeymoon destination is a perfect choice to make. The scenery here is awesome and you should love it most. You’ll be amazed by the beautiful mountains and hills that Rwanda has.

Your Rwanda Honeymoon Safaris start right away as you land at the airport. You’ll get the feel that you’ve entered a great honeymoon destination in Africa. You will get to enjoy the amazing views of the hills and classic buildings in several travel destinations. Even though Rwanda is famous for its extraordinary mountain gorilla trekking experiences, there are a couple of interesting activities and places newly wedded couples can visit; including relaxation moments at the banks of Lake Kivu (Rwanda’s largest freshwater lake), visiting the King’s palace and taking on a canopy walk at Nyungwe Forest National Park among other activities.

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