Need to experience hardcore gorilla expeditions in Africa? Gorilla trekking is a very classic adventure for all visitors because you get to meet apes that replicate human characters as well as share over 98% of human DNA. These primates can only be found in the African continent, East Africa in particular. Thanks for the endless efforts by researchers like Dian Fossey, whose efforts towards conserving these the mountain gorilla species has made it possible for people to go on gorilla expeditions in Africa.

When you have a glance at most of the Travelers’ bucket list, you will be amazed upon discovery that most of them have gorilla Trekking in it. In Africa, mountain gorillas are known to be one of the most interesting primates in the wilderness available for trekking. With a diversity of gorilla species that have made it possible for trekking experiences, gorilla trekking remains the primary face of Africa’s tourism. Several conservation associations and programs have promoted the continued existence of these primates. See some of our hardcore gorilla expeditions below.

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