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12 Days Zanzibar Historical Tour & Beach Holiday Vacation

This great 12 Days Zanzibar Historical tour is designed to create everlasting memories while visiting one of the historical islands in Africa. There’s a lot to do and take part in this tour such as snorkeling, swimming, visiting the different sites in stone town, the old Fort, the house of wonders, local markets and much more. The culture and traditions of the Zanzibar people who are part of Tanzania. Meet the primates in Jozani forest and here the unique red colobus monkey will be spotted, bush babies, different bird species, plant species and many more.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Zanzibar Island

Fly and arrive at Zanzibar Airport or any other airport in Zanzibar where you will be picked up by the tour driver guide in our well-organized uniform. Go through the briefing and after transfer to the booked accommodation preferably a resort beach hotel with a great view.

Day 2: Stone town tour and spice tour

Take a stone town tour where you will encounter different attractions in the town this will be a walking safari with the local guide and well-informed tour guide. Places that you will visit are the old Fort, local markets such as Darajani market which displays all fruits grown in Zanzibar, spices and many more, visit the former slave market, religious centers such as churches and mosques and many others such as coffee markets/shops

Head to visit the spice gardens where different spices are grown. These spices were introduced by the early explorers and Arabs and among them are garlic, cinnamon, coriander, rosemary, chilli, and many more. You can take a chance to taste some of the foods where these spices are used like the Zanzibar pizza.

Day 3: Full-day exploring the prison island

The tour will begin at around 9:00 am after breakfast and it will end at around 3:00 pm. This was built to serve as a prison but it dint serve its purpose only because it was used as a quarantine for people with yellow fever during the Arab time who practised the slave trade and used it as a captive area for big-headed slaves until they reform. This place is now the home of the giant tortoise that was brought from Aldabra.  This island is peaceful and this means that you will relax, and feed the tortoise as you learn about their history.

Day 4: Traditional dhow cruising

Take a traditional dhow cruise on the blue waters of the ocean where you will enjoy the sunset moments on the ocean. This is a rewarding moment as you see it in a wooden boat that sails using the wind. These boats were earlier used by explorers and traders.

Day 5: Visit Jozani forest

Visit the only national park in Zanzibar. This forest is known to host unique primates called the red colobus monkeys and Zanzibar syke’s monkeys. Take a walk and meet more of the primates such as bush babies and many more. The birds will also be spotted, butterflies and others. This amazing nature will take you to close contact with wildlife and if you are lucky enough meet some reptiles like snakes.

Day6-7: Relax at the resort beach

On these two days, enjoy beach Activities as you relax at the resort beach, some of the notable activities will be swimming, sunbathing, beach soccer and many more.

Day 8: Visit the Rock restaurant and Forodhani night Market

On this day, you will take a cruise to the Rock restaurant and have great epic moments on this amazing island. The rock is great offering the best of restaurant food staff such as traditional sea foods. Enjoy different foods that will be served on a self-service buffet and then relax. At night, head to visit and explore the Forodhani street market which is located in front of the house of wonders in stone town. Different vendors display different foodstuffs such as Zanzibar pizza, pilau, Zanzibar mix and many more.

Day 9: Visit the House of wonders and the palace museum

This day is dedicated to visiting and learning about the history and traditional buildings. The house of wonders is among the world heritage sites of UNESCO. It is called the house of wonders since it was the biggest in East Africa by 1883 when it was completed and the first house to have a lift. This house of wonder is very important in tourism since it exhibits fishing implements, dhow vessels and many more.

Visit the palace museum that was built by Sayyid Said the second sultan of Zanzibar in 1883. This palace is built from coral stones and silver coating with Oman styles. See different classic Oman fittings such as doors, furniture, and art pieces that date 400 years plus ago.

Day 10: Safari blue tour

Enjoy this full day at the sea after breakfast and be transferred to the Menai Bay conservation area where you will enjoy isolated sandbanks and pristine marine life in traditional dhow boats and islets. Enjoy snorkeling and swimming in the best fine waters as you spot the dolphins, swim in the mangrove and then feed on the Swahili foods.

Day 11: Swahili food traditional classes and learning the Swahili language

This day will offer you an experience to cook and taste traditional Zanzibar foods and learn about Swahili foods. The local women will be dressed in Zanzibar ware and then teach you the real traditional food. Through this experience, you will learn about Swahili words such as Jambo, Hakuna Matata, Habari and many more.

Day 12: Transfer to the airport and head to fly to the airport

This is the last day of your safari and it will begin with a delicious breakfast at leisure and then a transfer to the airport to board your flight back home marking the end of the Zanzibar Historical Tour.

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