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10 Days Best of Zanzibar Beach, Culture & Historical Tour

Your 10 days best of Zanzibar will be a great safari among all the safaris you have ever had in your life that will bring joy and happiness during your days of adventure. It will be a memorable safari as it takes to places of history like the stone town for the house of wonders, prison Island which was the prison for the slaves. You will so get a chance to spot the old and giant tortoises while on this island. The safari will also take you for the spice tour where you are provided with a chance to smell, taste and buy if willing some to take home including enjoying the fruits that are found on the spice farm. It will continue to the Nungwi beach for leisure and relaxation, a dolphin tour, a cultural experience where you interact with the local people of Zanzibar and finally visit the Jozania forest for endangered red colobus monkeys.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival at the airport

Getting to Abeid Amani Karume international airport you will be warmly welcomed by our well-trained and behaved safari driver guide who will take you through the briefing about the safari and then drive you to the agreed hotel. After checking in you can opt to do any simple activity like touring around the city of Zanzibar or relaxing waiting for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 2:  Switch off for stone town tour and prison Island

Stone town is a town full of wonders in Zanzibar therefore, after your delicious breakfast you will drive for a walk through the historical stone town and get a chance to see the house of wonders, visit museum places, slave chambers and the Arab Fort. All these beautiful wonders will let you know and understand how Zanzibar’s history was shaped many years ago.  Move back to the hotel for lunch and prepare for the afternoon activity.

Drive to the prison Island which was the prison for the slaves that later turned into quarantine for traders and sailors who could be suffering from ailments from the east African interior. While on this island you have a high chance of spotting the old and friend giant tortoises which are believed to be the main attractions on this island including the historical slave museums.

Day 3: Move for a spice tour

Wake up early morning, have your breakfast and drive away from stone town heading for an interesting spice tour in one of the spice farms owned by the local person and exploring the aromatic spice of Zanzibar. You are given a chance to see, taste, smell and if willing even buy these spices and learn how they are used as traditional medicines and local Zanzibar cuisine. Enjoy the fruits grown from this farm and probably enjoy your lunch from the same spot as hear and learn more about these spices from the farm manager. After a retreat to the lodge late afternoon and relax.

Day 4: Full-day Nungwi beach

The 4th day is going to be relaxing while at Nungwi beach as you chill, relax, rejuvenate and refresh yourself. Thereafter, you can drive and head to the serious tour around the beach after such enjoyment and drive back to the lodge late evening for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 5: Have a dolphin tour

Arise early morning and have your well-prepared breakfast then drive to Kizimkazi village for the dolphin tour which is located on the southern tip of the Island. Swim and get very close to the amazing creatures found in this place like the humpback and bottle-nosed dolphins which are printed at Kizimkazi that will provide wonders and memorable moments in Zanzibar. Relax in the afternoon after this great experience while at your beach hotel.

Day 6: Visit Jozani forest

Wake up early morning this day for breakfast then after drive heading to Jozania forest for a great adventure. Jozani forest is the only upstanding protected area in Zanzibar for the endangered primates of red colobus monkeys. You will be helped by the local guide who will lead you into the jungle in search of these primates and other wildlife that will come across. You will also come across beautiful plants and different bird species while on the trails of Jozania forest.

Day 7: Go for a cultural experience

Immediately after having your breakfast you will get in your car again and drive heading to most villages for different amazing occasions that will probably bring a smile to your face. You can visit villages like Kizimkazi, Nungwi, Jambiani or Paje village and learn more about their cultures and ways of life. Have a chance to meet and interact with the locals to encounter their social and economic activities including the traditions.

Since it involves travelling to different villages, get to know what activities different people engage in, from fishing villages men involve themselves in fishing activities while ladies in collecting the oyster shells. After a retreat to the lodge.

Day 8: Leisure time at Nungwi beach

On the 8th day of your safari, you will have your delicious breakfast early morning or just depending on the time of your choice. You can participate in different activities carried out on this beach for example you can spend your leisure time diving, jet skiing or getting involved in beach volleyball and other interesting activities to well spend your leisure day. In the afternoon you can decide to relax as you enjoy your sunset and wait for dinner.

Day 9: Relax at the same beach

This day will be a day full of joy that will create memories as you wake up early morning and have your well-prepared breakfast chilling overlooking the sea and how beautiful it is. After breakfast you can opt to slope to the beach and spend your day relaxing, recording different bird species around the beach, fish types caught and many more. Thereafter, retreat to the lodge for dinner and wait for the next day of departure.

Day 10: Departure.

This 10 days will probably mark the end of your safari to Zanzibar with a great smile as you arise early morning and have your well-prepared breakfast accompanied by a cup of coffee or tea depending on your choice. You will check out with the lodge and embark on your journey back to the airport and fly back home.

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