Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate in Uganda & Rwanda

Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate in Uganda & Rwanda

Yellow fever is a viral disease caused by a yellow fever virus spread by a bite from a female mosquito. The symptoms of yellow fever are nausea, chills, muscle pain, headaches and loss of appetite. These symptoms often disappear on the fifth day and reappear again causing yellow skin due to liver damage and can cause kidney problem.

Mosquitoes that cause yellow fever are commonly found in tropics and sub tropics, yellow fever is commonly found in Africa and South America and it’s considered to be endemic in 32 African countries and 13 countries in central and South America.

Most countries have infectious diseases one of which is yellow fever which may not be found in your country, it’s very important to get vaccination before you travel to prevent getting infected while on your trip hence ruining the whole vacation. All travellers over nine months are recommended to get the vaccine.

Yellow fever vaccination certificate

The yellow fever vaccination is given in a single dose and ten years before you travel, the dose should always be got from an approved yellow fever vaccination clinic.

Yellow fever can be avoided by wearing long sleeved pants, use of mosquito nets, use appropriate insect repellents.

How much is yellow fever vaccine

The cost of yellow fever vaccination will depends on where you get the vaccine from because prices differ in different countries and clinics.

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