Trekking Gorillas in the Rainy Season

Mountain gorillas live in tropical and sub tropical rain-forests that sometimes experience tropical climate receiving rainfall almost throughout the year, meaning tourists trekking gorillas in the dry season can also expect rain during the trekking. There are advantages and disadvantages of trekking mountain gorillas during the wet season and some of them can be seen below.

Trekking Gorillas in the Rainy Season

Advantages of gorilla trekking in rainy seasons

Trekking mountain gorillas during the wet season gives visitors chances of trekking gorillas in few numbers of less than eight people and you can also choose your own gorilla family to trek. During the wet seasons, tourists also find it easy to trek mountain gorillas because they can easily be found as food is always plenty on the mountain slopes other than in the dry seasons where they have to move to higher elevations in search of food.

One of the advantages of trekking mountain gorillas in the rainy season is that some lodges and hotels in the park give discount rates and this is good for budget tourists. Trekking mountain gorillas during the wet season can also become an advantage because you will not have to struggle or miss gorilla permits meaning you can book the very month you will be trekking unlike during the peak season when gorilla permits run out 3 months before the actual trekking date.

Disadvantages of trekking gorillas in rainy seasons

Mountain gorillas live on higher elevations that receive 1000-2000 mm of rain annually; trekking during the rainy seasons makes the trekking trails slippery and muddy making it hard to traverse the jungle.

Wrapping it up

Mountain gorillas can be trekked all year round but the best time is during the dry season of June to September and December to February.

Trekking mountain gorillas in the rainy season needs preparedness and you should not forget to carry water proof hiking boots, garden gloves, rain coats, long sleeved clothing’s, insect repellents, energy giving snacks and never forget to carry a walking stick during the trek.

The cost of gorilla permits differs depending on the country you are going to trek mountain gorillas from, Rwanda gorilla permits cost $1500, Uganda charges $600 per person while Congo offers permits at $400 per person and give discount rates at $200 per person during the rainy season.

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