Low Season Gorilla Permits in Uganda

A gorilla permit is a card issued by the Uganda Wildlife Authority that allows one to get access to mountain gorilla national parks that is Mgahinga gorilla national park in the southern part of the country and Bwindi impenetrable forest national park in the south western part of the country.

Low Season Gorilla Permits in Uganda

Uganda used to offer low season gorilla permits for April, May and November but when Rwanda gorilla permit price increased to $1500 from $750. Uganda stopped offering low season discounted gorilla permits and all permits now cost $600 throughout the year for wet and dry seasons.

Low season gorilla permits are still offered by Uganda Wildlife Authority in conjunction with Association of Uganda Tour Operators for only tour operators registered by Association of Uganda Tour operators can access the low season permits. However, this is not so frequent and the offers come once in a while.

Though Uganda doesn’t offer low season gorilla permits any more. Uganda still remains as the best place for trekking mountain gorillas because the price for trekking gorillas in Uganda is cheaper compared to Rwanda and the security situation in Congo is always unstable hence living Uganda as the top destination for gorilla trekking where even budget travelers can afford a permit.

The best time for trekking mountain gorillas in Uganda is from June to September and December to February. This is the best time when the trekking trails are not muddy and slippery and the roads leading to the parks are in good condition.

Gorilla trekking is not just any other activity like going out for game driving, tourists coming for gorilla trekking should first of all be physically fit because it will require hiking to higher elevations of rain-forests. Tourists trekking gorillas should come along with garden gloves, rain coats, warm and long sleeved clothes, insect repellents, plenty of drinking water and energy giving snacks.

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