Why do Gorillas beat their Chest?

Gorillas beat their chests occasionally. So why do gorillas beat their chest or what are the repercussions of beating your chest at a gorilla? Mountain gorillas often beat their chests whenever they perceive a threat or danger. When the chest beatings occur, it indicates that the gorilla is charging at a human or any rival. This is one of the warning signs that a gorilla is definitely going to attack if you don’t stay away from its territory.

Why do Gorillas beat their Chest

Mountain gorillas also beat their chests as a sign of victory. This could be because they have won a fight. They can also beat their chests to attract female gorillas and show how strong they are. Mountain gorillas occasionally beat their chests when communicating. This is commonly done by silverbacks. The silverback can beat his chest and walk away as a way of communicating with the group members to follow him up.

Silverback gorillas also beat their chests if there is a young silverback trying to challenge them. The dominating silverback will beat their chest to send a warning to the young silverback and in some cases, the young one may retreat or a fight can take place.

There are also other things that gorillas do as a sign of communication or threatening an enemy. These include making loud sounds and grunts, tearing and throwing vegetation, roars, hooting, laughing, and sticking out their tongue, stamping feet on ground thunderously and many more. Gorillas use communication for many things like expressing happiness or distress when mating and communicating within the group.

About Mountain Gorillas

Mountain gorillas are an endangered species of primates found in central eastern Africa. They are the largest primates on earth with slightly more than 1000 individuals left in the world. Mountain gorilla trekking is every tourist’s dream when coming to Africa and the opportunity should not be missed.

Mountain gorillas live in social structures of groups of 5-30 individuals, with a dominating silverback who takes the lead of all the group’s activities on a daily basis. They are very calm and gentle animals but can also be aggressive and dangerous when they feel insecure and disturbed.

The mountain gorilla diet consists of 25% fruits with leaves, stems, bamboo shoot, pith, ants, insects, termites and more.  They almost never drink water as the food they consume is full of moisture. Mountain gorillas also avoid water and hate rain.

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