Goma City

Goma City

Goma is a town/city located near Gisenyi town of Rwanda at the northern shore of Lake Kivu, just about 13 kilometers. It is the capital of the North Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is home to Mount Nyiragongo volcano and many other great attractions. Goma town was affected by 2002 eruptions of Mount Nyiragongo that destroyed 40% of the city.

Goma City

Goma is near one of the world’s activate volcanoes Nyiragongo which is part of the great East African rift valley and one of the 8 Virunga volcanoes straddling across Rwanda, Congo, and Uganda with their slopes being home to the endangered mountain gorillas.

Visit Mount Nyiragongo

Mount Nyiragongo is just located at the outskirts of Goma town in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the mountain together with mount Nyamuragira are amongst the world’s most active volcanoes. The unfavorable political environment has made it hard for a scientist to study the mountain, therefore, there is little known about mount Nyiragongo.

The strata volcano stands 3,465 meters above sea level with a lava lake of 600 meters deep, the lava lake is recorded to be the most fluid lava lake in the world, unlike other lavas that flow at a speed of 1-10 kilometers per hour, the lava at mount Nyirangongo flows at 97 kilometers per hour.

In 1997 mount Nyiragongo erupted and there were over 5 million cubic meters of lava to the north and within 30 minutes the entire lava lake was drained and in 20 minutes time, it had reached in Goma town killing about 300 people.

Mount Nyiragongo is said to have erupted at least 32 times since 1882, it’s not known how long the volcano has been active. Mount Nyiragongo, however, offers thrilling lifetime experiences to travelers, the views of the bubbling lava lake at night are extraordinary with smoke puffing in the clear skies.

Hiking to the top of mount Nyirangongo takes about 6 hours and there are summit shelters at the top where tourists can sleep in, the hiking starts at Kabita ranger post after a briefing and there are potters available to help tourists with luggage.

Visit Virunga National Park

Virunga national park is situated in the Democratic Republic Congo and is one of the three places in the world where tourists can trek mountain gorillas besides Uganda and Rwanda. Virunga national park is a world heritage site. Its the oldest national park in Africa.

Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu is one of Africa’s great lakes bordering Rwanda and Congo located in the Albertine rift valley, the lake is 50 kilometers wide and 90 kilometers long with a maximum depth of 475 meters deep making it the eighth deepest lake in the world.

Lake Kivu is an ideal place for tourists to relax from, the lake is bilharzia free so you can do recreational activities like swimming, sunbathing fishing and so much more, tourists can also take a boat ride on the lake and explore the flora and fauna with views of the spectacular islands or you can visit one of the islands and interact with locals.

Goma town can easily be reached from Rwanda Kigali in 3 hours time or tourists can fly into Goma international airport. It can be visited all year round.

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