Best Zanzibar Birding Safaris & Bird Watching Holidays

Zanzibar Is a tiny historical region found in Tanzania, famous for its numerous world-class beaches recommendable for relaxation and luxury vacations. Besides the relentless beaches, Zanzibar birding safaris are quite rewarding as well.

Zanzibar Island is gifted with a great ecosystem that supports and acts as home to several bird species, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals that seek for shelter and companionship. The flora and fauna are not so many but definitely worth visiting.

In Zanzibar, you will enjoy favorable climatic conditions and witness the good conservation practices by several conservationists in place especially when you visit Jozani Forest.

On Zanzibar birding safaris, you will go searching for the different bird species in their habitats and go ahead to study their unique attributes and appreciate their beauty.

Birding in Zanzibar is done all year round but the best time is during the wet season when migratory birds are present. The famous birding places in Zanzibar include Pongwe Forest Reserve; with an estimate of 47 recorded bird species and located in the northeastern coast of Unguja, Mnemba Marine Park, Ngezi National Park situated in north-western border of Pemba island, Baobab tree in Tumbatu island, Kidike Root positioned in the central part of Pemba island with over 240 bird species, Mafia Island hosting an estimate of 240 threatened bird species and Jozani Forest.

Let us plan for you an authentic bird watching holiday in Zanzibar Island at very affordable rates. We only use experience birding safari guides to take you through the exercise. Get in touch with us today for the best Zanzibar birding safaris.

Go Birding in Zanzibar Island at the best Prices

Records have it that Zanzibar hosts several sought after bird species by the various birders globally, these include, Sulidae, Fishers Turaco, Fish eagle located in coastline, the attractive Pemba sunbird with odd violet breast and glittering green head, Turdidae, Five Rallidae, Turnicidae, Coraciidae, Apodidae, Sturnidae, Rostratulidae, Threskiornithidae, Ardeidae, Coliidae of the entire species of spotted moosebird, Accipitridae, three of Pycnonotidae, Phasianidae, Hirundinidae, Podicipedidae, Meropidae, Phalacrocoracidae, Phoenicopteridae, Malaconotidae, Alcedinidae, Campephagidae, Monarchidae, Pemba white-eye, three of Cisticolidae; Phoeniculidae, Ciconiidae, Burhinidae, Zosteropidae, Jacanidaeone Caprimulgidae, Anatidae, Charadriidae, Falconidae, Sylviidae, crested francolin, Dicruridae, Timaliidae, Numidia.

Bird watching at the island is very interesting especially with all the above bird species, there is nothing to lose though on a luxury or budget tour, just equip yourself with a professional camera since there are so many photos to take home, good hiking shoes to support during the hiking sessions, the grounds tend to be so slippery and hard to move in case you don’t wear right shoes, Insect repellants to chase away dangerous insects that might bite and affect you, remember that birds stay in the swamps and forest areas with so many mosquitoes and tsetse flies, binoculars to get clear views of distant and tiny birds, a notebook to write down some details of the birds, eye-lens cameras for clear photos, the relevant documents among others essentials.

The destination has seen an increment in individual birders, bird researchers, student birders, group researchers, professional birders and may more, it can be done all year round with a resultant impact being sweet memories and fantastic encounters of rare bird species not found elsewhere. Birding might sound so usual not until you have visited Zanzibar islands in Tanzania, the activity is very affordable and worth a trial, all you need is to book a trip with us as we take you an unforgettable adventure in the wilderness and beaches of Zanzibar.

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