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Discover Lake Mulehe – A Hidden Gem in Kisoro District with Luxurious Lodges & Adventures

Lake Mulehe is situated in the southwestern part of Uganda in Kisoro district.

The lake serves as a perfect weekend getaway from Kampala city or an ideal place to relax after volcanic climbing or gorilla trekking in the southern sector of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Lake Mulehe

Activities at Lake Mulehe

  • Boat Ride. The most common activity at Lake Mulehe is boat riding. Tourists can enjoy early morning boat rides, midday excursions, or sunset rides. These boat rides offer stunning views of the volcanic ranges and the lake’s rich flora and fauna, with aquatic birds filling the air with their chatter.
  • Fishing. Fishing is a popular activity among the locals at the lake. For those who enjoy this water sport, Lake Mulehe offers various fish species that can be caught for your dinner. Visitors can join local fishermen in traditional fishing methods and are advised to bring their own fishing gear.
  • Swimming. Swimming and sunbathing are enjoyable recreational activities at Lake Mulehe, and the lake is safe for swimming as it is free of bilharzia.
  • Community Walks. Tourists can also take community walks to the local market or visit the homesteads of the Bakiga people, who have a unique culture. You can learn about their way of life and enjoy local traditional African music. Additionally, you can purchase handmade crafts as souvenirs or gifts for your loved ones.

Activities near Lake Mulehe

  • Gorilla Trekking. Lake Mulehe is located in the scenic gorilla islands area. Visitors to Lake Mulehe should consider engaging in gorilla trekking in the Nkuringo or Rushaga sectors of Bwindi National Park or at Mgahinga National Park. There are various gorilla groups available for trekking, with prices starting at $700, or you can opt for the Gorilla Habituation Experience (GHEX) at $1500.
  • Golden Monkey Trekking. Golden monkey trekking is an exciting activity that can be done at Mgahinga National Park in Uganda, which is home to about 3000-4000 golden monkeys. The cost of trekking golden monkeys is more affordable than gorilla trekking, and it’s less strenuous as these monkeys live on lower slopes. Golden monkeys move in troops of up to 60 members, and they are known for their love of flash cameras and playful behavior.
  • Mountain Climbing. Lake Mulehe is also located near three volcanic ranges: Mount Gahinga, Mount Sabyinyo, and Mount Muhabura. These volcanic ranges offer thrilling mountain climbing experiences with spectacular views of neighboring Congo and Rwanda. Tourists can also spot a variety of wildlife, birds, plant species, butterflies, and more.

Getting There

Lake Mulehe can be reached in a 10-11 hour drive from Kampala by road, or tourists can opt to fly to Kisoro Airstrip from Kajjansi airfield or Entebbe International Airport.

Lake Mulehe can be visited year-round, but if you plan to combine your visit with gorilla trekking, the best times are from June to September or December to February when the weather is favorable for gorilla trekking.

Tourists can stay at Lake Mulehe Safari Lodge, Lake Mulehe Gorilla Lodge (recommended – see photo above), and many other accommodations around Kisoro Town.

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