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Educational Tours, Study Trips and Africa Student Safaris are here for you at highly discounted prices. Are you planning for a student tour in Africa? Having the alternative to watch directly an educative sight is a significant part of the issues that shape students or relives them and unwinds them. Africa student safaris are extraordinary open doors for students who desire practical experience. We conduct tours for students basing on Africa’s Geography, untamed life, history, culture, primate trekking, volunteering opportunities and politics among the rest. Our African student safaris are customized to suit every student’s desire. We secure a financial limit of learners and assist them in accomplishing a ton with their spending budget.

Our principles have a solid background in zones of the scholarly world and research following a long series of leading and directing college students in Africa. We have arranged a couple of study trips for students to various places of Africa, which affords us the urge to consider ourselves a great and ideal agency to organize your educational tours. Our Africa student safari will take you to a couple of East African countries like Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania – Zanzibar, Rwanda and Burundi. These safari destinations are very famous for wildlife/game, beautiful scenery, freshwater bodies, history and culture, mountains, hot springs and so much more than you can ever imagine of. The East African region is rated highly because it is a research hub. See recommended travel destinations for student safaris in Africa below.

Student & Educational Tours in Africa

Therefore carrying a student trip to these country will reward you with the best experience through visiting the national parks that each park has a unique feature or attraction, for example, Murchison falls national park in Uganda, Tarangire national park in Tanzania, Nyungwe national park in Rwanda among others, the national museums, the historical sites such as the Kasubi royal tombs in Uganda, diverse culture and history like the Masai of Kenya, Baganda and Karamajongs of Uganda, beautiful beaches on lake victoria, Indian ocean among others. The activities carried out while on a student tour are; game drives, Launch trips, primate trekking, nature walks, hiking and mountaineering, bird watching, camping and campfire, community-based tours, sport fishing, sight-seeing among others.

Africa also presents wonderful opportunities for encountering numerous game in wild such as lions, Buffaloes, Elephants, Zebras, Uganda Kobs, aquatic animals a large number of bird species both those endemic to the area as well as those Foreign. We make it a point to truly comprehend what you expect from your safari by researching for what you want to see, what excites you, which animals captivate you, how close you would like to get to them, whether you need for luxury or budget trip, enjoy resting beneath the stars inserted up in a tree-house. The entire safari will be made from both our contribution and yours; the aim is to make sure that everything is super and perfectly arranged to ensure total satisfaction. And memorable experience while in Africa.

We would recommend our clients to work with expert time to plan and book early to ease our job as we plan the tour that lies in the syllabus coverage. Also, student tours are more fun during holidays when students are stressed free; this gives a learner time to concentrate on practical work. Africa can be visited all year round depending on the country you are interested to visit. But we would recommend you to visit in a dry season because most of the roads in the national parks are dry, the weather is clear and you can spot various animals and among others. A rainy season hinders most of the activities, for example, you cannot do hiking or primate trekking. Students are advised to carry rain jackets because Africa’s rain is unpredictable. Book your student safari to Africa with us!

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