Zanzibar Family Safaris & Zanzibar Family Travel Holidays

Family Holidays in Zanzibar Island

Family tour to Zanzibar is a big deal, kids are very safe and there are a lot of indoor activities which are ideal for your taste. One can swim to the coast, while viewing the fascinating white sand; the food is so tasty and unique with some of the exotic meals on the order menu, some that a family might taste for the first time such as the octopus meat, burgers or pasta, as well as a mixture of different cuisines in the world. The manifestation of different tiny turtles, beaches, and historical places gives each family member an amazing environment for Education and conservation experience, something that won’t fade from your family memories. There is no best or worst time to visit this beautiful place because every time is good, so many options are available for all families.

Mafia Island

Take a safari to Mafia Island, for some of the interesting sights such as Birding opposite Juani Island, have a boat cruise and nature walk in the neighboring communities, especially to Ngungwi that hosts some of the rescued and surviving turtles. Visit the Butterfly Centre, located in the outskirts of Zanzibar town, 5kilometres to the southern part of Jozani Forest, with approximately 30 rare butterfly species, and hundreds of single butterflies. This is a perfect and must visit destination to your kids who will learn more about these and intern increase their knowledge.

Prison Island

This is one of the places we recommend, it can also be called Changuu Island, approximately 3miles from the stone town. The island is home to roughly 100 Aldabra tortoises, very huge and estimated at 550 pounds, yet the oldest is believed to have lived for roughly 192 years; a perfect destination for both Adults and kids.

Spice Island

Zanzibar is famous for spice plantation, a must-see for all tourists and families heading to the island. Our expert team will lead you for a walking tour visiting the different plantations, tasting vanilla, ginger, and cinnamon. You have the chance of picking fruits and leaves, and enjoying the sweat smell from the spices.

Beach Life

A Zanzibar beach gives you an ultimate opportunity of diving into the calm waters, peddling with your happy family as you have fun together. Witness magic as the elderly children swim with dolphins with the guides of an expert guide, thus fantastic experience to the entire family.

Stone Town

Visiting the dilapidated houses of Zanzibar is one memory that should not be wiped from the brain of the entire Family, it is a wonderful place for doing shopping and sighting a number of Historical places in the area, it is where real adventure starts as you transverse the island. Don’t make your holiday a boring one, but rather entrust it with us for unending fun and unforgettable experience, it is a one-time opportunity, grab the chance.

An family travel experience away from home creates new stories, memories and demonstrates care and love. With our Zanzibar family safaris and family travel holidays, we let you visit Zanzibar with your family and explore great beaches, historical sites, towns, forest and great attractions as you immerse in fun. Almost all safari activities in Zanzibar are family travel friendly. Of course the primary family tour activity is beach holidays.

Zanzibar was a slave market where slaves to Europe were first gathered, examined and then shipped to Europe. This rich history is great for your family especially children. It is very educative too. Zanzibar is famous for its world class beaches, modern accommodation facilities, spice plantations, eye-catching attractions to mention a few. The ocean ambiance in Zanzibar is good enough to get you relaxed. Lets plan your family safaris in Zanzibar today.

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