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Uganda has ten national parks that can be visited in this adventure namely; Queen Elizabeth (a medley of wonders), Kidepo national park (real wildlife paradise) Murchison Falls national park (the world's most powerful waterfalls), Bwindi and Mgahinga national park (home of Gorillas, Kibale Forest National park (primate world), Lake Mburo national park (home of impalas) Semliki National park, Mount Elgon and Rwenzori national park. Other places to visit include the sand beaches of Lake Victoria, Lake Bunyonyi (only Switzerland in Africa), the source of the Nile, and many more.

Budget Safari Activities

You will enjoy nightlife experience around the city, Beach tours, primate trekking with options of sighting Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees in their natural wilderness, cultural encounter with the Batwa people among others, Boat riding, Game viewing with chances of sighting several mammals such as (heard of Buffalos, Leopards, elephants, lions, Zebras, different Antelope species, and others), birds (the Egyptian geese, Rwenzori Turaco, crested cranes, kingfisher, the shoebill stock among others), Reptiles(school of Hippos, crocodiles, snakes), Boat riding (in Kazinga channel and river Nile).

If you choose to trek gorillas twice, you will spend $1200 ($600 for each gorilla trekking activity) on permits alone. If you stay in an upmarket accommodation facility, you will spend over $500 per night and about $150 per night for budget safari lodges. If you travel for many days, you will pay more. If you are many in your group, you will definitely pay less for your gorilla expedition because of shared costs on transportation. If you would like to get a quote for your package, you can contact any of our Uganda tour consultants by sending us an inquiry and we shall tailor your package and revert within the shortest time possible.


Accommodations in Uganda range from luxury to Budget type, however, to make this clearer, you can choose from the different budget accommodations that offer quality service and have very calm serene yet at a very cheap cost, food and drinks depend on your choice. Uganda wildlife authority have built very safe, beautiful Bandas, guesthouses and student dormitories for the students and any visitor to spend a night in almost all national parks.

However, we recommend camping as the best way of enjoying the wilderness, move with your tent and pitch it at the allocated camping point, very pocket-friendly yet rewarding your opportunities of discovering what happens under the moon at the dead of the night when it's the net separating you from the wild. Budget safaris in Uganda are very interesting and rewarding; it is like passing through a different road but reaching the same destination, different situations, but the same satisfaction and experience, just book your safari with us.

Uganda budget safaris – Booking Uganda budget holidays and cheap package holidays to Uganda is a great way of saving on money. A budget safari to Uganda (the pearl of Africa) doesn’t mean you are bound to use the worst facilities. Budget means spending slightly less while getting quality. So many agencies like us have brokered deals with service providers that afford us a wide range of services at very affordable rates. Because of this, we are able to offer clients affordable Uganda safaris at highly discounted rates.

If you intend to book Uganda budget safaris, we are ready to deliver to your expectations. Our quotations might seem a bit high on some occasions but this is not because we are expensive, sometimes we include very nice facilities so that you enjoy a comfortable trips. Prices also keep changing every now and then through traveling in the low season will make your budget safaris in Uganda more affordable as so many service providers offer discounts and last minute deals.

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