Mid-Range Lodges in Bwindi

Mid-Range Lodges in Bwindi

Bwindi impenetrable forest national park found in the south western part of Uganda is home to half population of the endangered mountain gorillas, there are over 15 habituated gorilla families in Bwindi forest that can be visited by tourists.

Only a group of eight people is allowed to trek a mountain gorilla family in a day and an hour of observation and taking photos is given to tourists once the gorilla family is found. Bwindi is also the only national park that offers tourists gorilla habituation experience.

Gorilla habituation can be described as the process of making mountain gorillas get used to human presence, this takes about 2-3 years as rangers and researchers visit a gorilla family on a daily basis until they pass a mocking exam then they can be trekked by tourists. Tourists can join rangers in gorilla habituation for four hours.

Best midrange hotels in Bwindi

Gorilla mist camp

Gorilla mist camp is situated in Ruhijja sector of Bwindi national park, the lodge contains several cottages comfortable with thick beddings and water bottles to manage this cold we for of the park. The lodge also has a spacious bar and restaurant lounge where tourists can relax from.

Rushaga gorilla camp

Gift of nature lodge

Lake Mulehe safari lodge

The crested crane Bwindi hotel

Nkuringo gorilla camp

Nkuringo is situated in Nkuringo sector of Bwindi and one of the accommodations for budget and midrange travellers, the lodge is located at Nteko ridge at 2,161 meters above sea level commanding stunning views of the Kashasha river valley and Bwindi forest.

Nkuringo gorilla camp provides lazy camping with tents at the lodge, family cottage taking up to five people, Virunga terrace rooms and luxury end suite cottages.

Eco marvels resort

Eco marvels resort is situated in between Buhoma and Ruhijja sectors of Bwindi national park with tented bandas, beautiful cottages and a campsite. Tourists planning to trek gorillas in Ruhijja or Buhoma sector can sleep at Eco marvels resort.

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