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Mid-Range Accommodation in Murchison Falls

Murchison falls national park is located in the north western part of Uganda, the park is home to the world’s strongest waterfalls sometimes known as the devils cauldron ad also home to over four hundred species of birds.

Murchison falls national park is bisected by the world’s longest river Nile wit its its source starting in central Uganda in Jinja town flowing to over 9 countries and ends in the Mediterranean sea in Egypt. The park is also lessconjestedcompared to Queen Elizabeth.

Murchison falls is the largest national park in Uganda boasting with the big five in case you visit Ziwa Rhino sanctuary along Kampla – Gulu highway. There are a lot of tourists activities you can engage in while at Murchison like game drives, nature guided walks, fishing, chimpanzee trekking in Budongo forest, cultural tours and so much more.

Best midrange accommodation in Murchison falls

Kabalega wilderness lodge

Just as the name describes Kabalega wilderness camp is situated in Murchison falls national park giving spectacular views of the Nile river. The rooms are well furnished with comfortable beds, theres  a camp fire area where you can relax from after a long game drive or boat cruise in the park.

Fort Murchison safari lodge

Fort Murchison safari lodge is part of Uganda nature lodges situated at the former AswaLolim game reserve in the northern part of Murchison falls, the lodge provides epic views of the Albert Nile and park views.

Fort Murchison safari lodge is a historic lodge as the name fort dates back to Arabian times in Africa, the lodge presents 12 well furnished en suite rooms and thatched tents. The kitchen provides friendly services with al’carte menu and so much more.

Pakuba safari lodge

Pakuba safari lodge is one of the old lodges in Murchison falls national park near the old ruins of Idi Amin’s lodge that’s now a chilli g point for giraffes. Pakuba safari lodge gives spectacular views of the Albertine rift valley and Albert Nile and its also near Tango gate of the park where you can start your he drive from.

Pakuba safari lodge provides 46 spacious rooms designed with African art interior décor, WiFi can be received from every part of the lodge, continental meals are served from the kitchen, a well stocked bar with soft and hard drinks and so much more.

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