How many Humans does it take to beat a Gorilla

How many Humans does it take to beat a Gorilla?

Mountain gorillas are not aggressive animals unless threatened (scientifically proven) as many people portray them to be because of the famous movies they watched like King Kong. Mountain gorillas use their hands for walking and supporting all their body hence building strong hands compared to a human training in a gym. Their bones are very thick and strong, almost more than twice the size of human bones.

How many Humans does it take to beat a Gorilla

Mountain gorillas are said to be 12 times stronger than an average man, mountain gorillas are built differently from humans in that they have stronger more and strong muscles. Mountain gorillas have strong canine teeth which are incredibly strong a bite is recorded to be 1,300 pounds per square inch.

A Silverback gorilla can weigh up to 500 pounds which is an advantage over an average man who can weigh around 180 pounds. Mountain gorilla’s bones are thrice stronger, longer and thicker than that of humans. Mountain gorillas have a tendency of fighting their opponents one by one therefore even if your many the gorilla will finish you one by one. They can easily break your ribs with ease or simply without many efforts.

The dominating Silverback gorillas will fight to protect their families and mothers can also fight to protect their young ones even if it means losing their lives. So when planning to fight a gorilla is ready to die as well because they dot give up until death.

In conclusion it’s very hard to estimates how many humans can beat a mountain gorilla because if a gorilla is concentrated on one it will not give up until the attention is diverted. For many humans to beat a mountain gorilla, that would need your strength combined into one person which is even impossible. Mountain gorillas have been killed by humans using weapons but there’s no single record of any human ever killing a mountain gorilla using bear hands.

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