Gorilla Valley Lodge

Budget Lodges in Bwindi National Park

Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is home to the endangered mountain gorillas with about only 1004 mountain gorillas left in the world, Bwindi is home to half of the population and also boasts with 13 other primate species, home to various wildlife and tree species  and over 300 species of birds some of which are endemic to this area.

Best budget hotels in Bwindi

Buhoma community bandas

Buhoma community banda’s are situated in Buhoma sector I fBwindi national park, tourists trekking gorillas from Buhoma or Ruhijja can sleep in this accommodation. Clients can choose from self contained bandas or banda’s with shared facilities.

Wagtail eco safari camp

Wag tail eco safari camp is also one of the best budget options for those trekking gorillas in Rushaga or Nkuringo sectors of Bwindi. The lodge offers various activities apart from gorilla trekking like bird watching community and nature guided walks.

Way gorilla resort

Way gorilla resort is situated in Kisoro town, the lodge has got comfortable accommodationand gives a cultural experience to visitors with performances from the locals.

Bwindi view bandas

Bwindi view bandas are situated in Buhoma sector of Bwindi national park, though the banda’s re not self contained they provide good views of Bwindi and the beds are simple and comfortable a good option for low budget travellers.

Broadbill camp

Broadbill safari camp derives its name from a threatened bird African green broadbill, the lodge is situated at the age of Bwindi forest making it a perfect place for birders to stay in with some species seen at the lodge.

The lodge has got 4 end suite comfortable tents with a well stocked bar and restaurant serving continental meals. The starting point for gorilla trekking is just about 3 kilometres from the lodge.

Nshongi campsite

Nshongi campsite is one of the accommodations for low budget travellers or back packers in Bwindi national park. The camp is located at the edge of the forest making it eco friendly built with local materials.

There are 4 traditional bandas and also a camping site where you can pitch tour own tent, the stuff at the lodge can also take you through the Rushaga village for a cultural experience with the Batwa people.

Kisoro travellers rest

Kisoro travellers rest is one of the nature lodges found in Uganda and its one of the oldest hotels in the country where even the famous American primatologist called her second home. The lodge provided views of the Virunga volcanoes.

The hotels consists of 11 end suite rooms, the restaurant serves delicious meals and the bar is also well stocked with various drinks.

Gorilla valley lodge

Gorilla valley lodge is part of Uganda nature lodges, the lodge commands spectacular views of Bwindi forest and gorillas visit its gardens sometimes. Tourists sleeping at gorilla valley lodge can trek mountain gorillas in Rushaga sector of Bwindi.

The lodge consists of 12 self contained rooms with a restaurant and bar, the stuff at the lodge also offer  visitors exceptional service.

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