Best Luxury Lodges in Kibale National Park

Best Luxury Lodges in Kibale National Park

Kibale forest national park is home to the highest population of chimpanzees in Uganda, the other places for chimpanzee tracking are; Budongo forest in Murchison falls, Kalinzu forest near Queen Elizabeth national park and Kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth still.

Chimpanzee tracking at Kibale forest can be done during morning or afternoon hours, chimpanzees are human close relatives sharing about 98%/DNA apart from gorillas and bonobos. The cost for tracking is $150 per person per tracking. The chimpanzee trekking permits must be booked in advance especially during the low season.

Best luxury hotels in Kibale forest national park

Ndali lodge

Ndali crater lodge is situated at the edge of Ndali Kasenda crater field on an extinct volcano rim which got filled with water forming Lake Nyinambuga. The lodge provides eight well crafted cottages overlooking the stunning mountains of the moon.

The spacious dining and a seating room over great views of Lake Nyinambuga. The stuff is very warm welcoming making your stay at the lodge memorable.

Primate Lodge

Primate Lodge is part of Uganda lodges; it’s situated near Kanyanchu tourism centre making it the best place to Starr your encounter with chimpanzees from. Primate Lodge offers a camping ground, tree house, 8 superior cottages, superior safari tents and 7 forest cottages.

Each room provides its own significant views, there’s a lounge area, spacious restaurant serving continental meals, souvenir shop and a well stocked bar.

Crater safari lodge

Crater safari lodge one of the crystal lodges is Uganda is situated at the rim of Lake Nyinabulitwa giving visitors breathtaking views the lodge offers 7 luxury cottages with 2 spacious family rooms that can accommodate up to 4 people.

There s a mobile spa facility, a lounge, restaurant serving continental meals, a well stocked bar with various drinks, a camp fire area where you can view the lake and a craft shop where you can buy souvenirs to take back home.

Papaya lake lodge

Papaya lake lodge is one of the luxury portions at Kibale forest national park situated at the volcanic crater fields and overlooking the majestic mountains of the moon. Accommodation at papaya is provided in 9 cottages situated with views of a volcanic crater, local stone decorated birth rooms, private verandahs and a family room.

Kyaninga lodge

Kyaninga lodge is positioned overlooking Lake Kyaninga where it derives its name from; the lodge also offers priceless views of the Rwenzori ranges. There are 8 cottages with each having a raised plat form to view the lake and 2 family cottages.

Kyaninga lodge also features a swimming pool, bar, fire place, 2 deck lounges and a restaurant.

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