Best Tanzania Zanzibar Primate Safaris & Trekking Tours

Any opportunity of engaging in Tanzania Zanzibar primate safaris & trekking tours is worth grabbing since it comes at the right time and exposes tourists to unknown wildernesses to have an encounter with rare creatures that are isolated from this world.

Some of creatures you’ll see on your Tanzania Zanzibar primate safaris include baboons, common chimpanzees and monkeys among the rest. Our primate safari packages takes you to Tanzania’s greatest primate trekking national parks.

The country is extremely biologically diverse. It is gifted with plenty of flora and fauna, over 25 primate species with 4 chimpanzee subspecies found in the forests and lowland swamps. These primates reside in both the northern and western parts of Tanzania on the shores of Lake Tanganyika.

Decades ago, Jane Goodall researched and rescued the dying chimpanzees in Kasakela Chimpanzee Community at Gombe Stream National Park. Her conservation efforts are very much alive and recognized today by the sustainability of the existing apes.

She is partly why you are able to trek chimpanzees in Tanzania today. Chimpanzees possess over 98% human DNA and are great creatures to trek. Meeting chimpanzees in the wild is an unforgettable experience. Book our Tanzania Zanzibar primate safaris and be part of it.

Primate Trekking in Tanzanai & Zanzibar

We offer schools, researchers, honeymooners, the disabled, families and so on an opportunity of drawing closer to their cousins living in forests, swamps, and montane vegetation. Zanzibar which is one of the islands in along the shores of in oceans is one of the most rewarding primate safari destinations as you arrive in Tanzania. It is home to the endangered red Colobus monkeys with an interesting small skull yet having a curved body, very play and social. The male chimpanzee weighs up to 12kgs and the female up to 10kgs. When you draw close to them, with your eyes and attention clued towards them is when you will appreciate and understand what you were missing.

Chimpanzee trekking is done in two destinations namely; Mahale national park with over 100 individual chimps and Gombe stream Nation Park harboring over 800 individual chimpanzee population in her territory. Trekking them is quite tiresome can last for up to 4hours in case they have moved to for distances, remember they are in the wild. One hour is yours to watch these creatures have their social interactions with each other, mothers feeding young ones as the elders are offering security, eating, playing while hooting among others. In the southern corner of Lake Victoria, we find Ruhondo Island National park, an unspoiled destination that is perfect for chimpanzee trekking, it is not so famous yet having several chimpanzees with very rewarding attributes that can be entertaining to all the visitors, it is relatively cheaper and affordable for primate lovers.

Simple rules to follow while trekking the primates in Tanzania include; observing a 7metre distance from the creatures, Trekkers should be above 15years old, You must be free from infectious illness such as flue, no noise is allowed, and don't use a flash as you take photos. Tanzania primate safaris are one of the most rewarding and unforgettable adventures in Africa, it gives you an opportunity of sighting some unique primates in their natural habitats, Book your trip with us and let's take you to the wilderness.

Primate Trekking in Zanzibar

Primate safaris are one of the top ranking and rewarding safaris in Africa, it rewards guests with unending memories, new experiences, unforgettable happiness, and new stories to share with their families, friends and the entire world. Zanzibar is Tanzania's prime safari destination, offering a variety of cultural exposure, History from the ancient times of slave trade, nature, amazing architectures, wonderful landscape, fascinating beaches, calm serene, large biodiversity, and exciting people among others.

Besides visiting the spice gardens, city tour, and classic beaches for Honeymoon safaris among others, there is a golden opportunity for at Zanzibar, for primate lovers, honeymooners, schools, researchers and everyone, to have an unforgettable opportunity of sighting some of the unique primates in their natural habitats, you get an opportunity of encountering golden monkeys among others.

Red Colobus Monkey Trekking

Visit River Tana where you come face to face with the endangered Red Colobus monkeys also known as Kirks Columbus with a small head and a curved body shape, females weighing up to 10kgs and the male having an estimate of 12kgs, with very attractive appearance, playful nature, and funny behaviors, trekking them is so interesting though tiresome since that switch from one tree to another as they play and shout. Locals refer to the red Colobus monkeys as "Kima punju" translating to a poisonous monkey in the Swahili dialect, due to the bad smell it produces. They reside in swamps, coastal thickets and agricultural areas among others.

Tracking these creatures is done in Jozani national park which harbors over1600 to 3000 endangered yet surviving species. Many others prefer saying at the opposite gardens near the park in the garden thus risking their lives; several visitors flock to this place to just have and experience of sighting these beautiful creatures enjoying their stay on the island. The unique part of these Apes is that each group has a male adult in a company several adult males, with each group having a maximum of 50 monkeys, very social, playful and defending each other in times of danger. as you track them in the morning, expect to watch them feed in unripe fruits, flowers, Indian almond trees, young leaves and so on, what interesting creatures to watch.

Interestingly, you can also visit Riverine forest, home to the yellowish-brown species of primate, and crested mangabeys. Primate safaris in Zanzibar are done all year round, however, the months of June to September and December to March are the best, when the climate is very favorable, space is available and sufficient time for primates to relax. At a very meagre cost, you will be in position to track primates in Zanzibar; all you need are good hiking attire, perfect clothing in times of coldness, and all the necessary documents as you will be told by our expert tour consultant, tents and sleeping bags for those who love camping, personal necessities among others.

Expect to exceed your expectations as you come for primate trekking in Zanzibar because the offer is way beyond what has been written here, the history of the place, hospitable people, the fun among others will excite you and expose you to the new wonders nit seen anywhere. Don't worry about the accommodation, transportation, or language because we ensure that you experience to the fullest. Visit Zanzibar today and familiarize with the different primate species you can't find anywhere in the world.

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