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Essential Tips for Planning Your Wildebeest Migration Safari

Winning the beauty trophy is nothing compared to the twinkling Serengeti-Mara ecosystem where the great migration transpires, also habilitating enormous carnivals, herbivores, reptiles, primates, and birds. Here are some tips to guide you on proper planning:

Tips for Planning

  • Book with a reputable and trustworthy tour company: Not all that glitters is gold. It’s better to open the pages of the book before making a final conclusion. There are trustworthy tour companies, but there are also frauds, so digging into the company isn’t forbidden since it is for one’s safety.
  • Migration Season Matters A Lot: There are seasons when animal movement is not that intense, but visiting in the month of June to October would be the best. It’s during this period that the dry season has set in, implying that food is inadequate, so it calls for movement, and at the same time, it’s the calving season. Those who delight in observing the cute calves, this is the best time frame for you. Rainy days are sometimes hectic because all the roads leading to the National park become muddy and sticky, which slows down the transportation system. The season a tourist plans to visit for migration determines the safari cost to be charged.
  • Activities to Add To The Migration Safari Budget: It’s more enjoyable if a tourist doesn’t focus only on the migration but also looks at activities such as a hot air balloon ride where the ground level is observed from the blue skies. There is also Nature Walk, which involves walking on foot throughout the National park, Game Drives involving taking a drive in a 4×4 Safari vehicle, which takes you to shelters of different wild animal species, camping where tents are set up in a certain locality with comfortable bedding, and bush meals, to mention but a few.
  • Choosing A Suitable Accommodation Type: There are humble, moderate, and luxury accommodations, each offering the best packages displayed on the internet. Don’t limit yourself from choosing the best since all you need is always put as one menu to avoid inconveniences; that’s why they are a little bit expensive. Choose accommodation with the best strategic location where you can see the migration clearly without any hindrances. Ensure the bedding is comfortable and suits your budget, then go ahead and book. Mobile camps are recommended for a migration safari, especially for adventure seekers.
  • Book Your Migration Safari in Advance: After making clarifications about the company and ensuring the safety of where to sleep, take a step and book in time before you miss out on the best spots, as during certain seasons, tour companies are very busy. Plan ahead for the best journey.

The sound of the birds may stay in your ears for hours, but I assure you, you can never forget the drums of magnificent wildebeests’ migration crossing over to Masai Mara National Reserve.

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