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Seronera – The Heart of Serengeti’s Wildlife Splendor

The Seronera area is positioned in the heart of the great Serengeti National Park, which is a popular location among tourists due to its numerous wildlife species, including big cats (lions, leopards, and cheetahs), herbivores like buffalo, elephants, giraffes, zebras, among others. The Seronera valley is characterized by a beautiful landscape, endless Savannah plains, woodlands, as well as acacia trees, Simba kopjes, together with the Seronera river, which is a source of water for different wildlife species such as wildebeests in the Seronera area.

The area is accessible by both road (driving from Arusha to Serengeti National Park takes about 7 to 8 hours, allowing you to fully enjoy sightings of wildlife species and the beautiful open plains along the way) and air transport. This convenience is due to the presence of the Seronera airstrip, which is usually used by tourists to access the remote areas of the Seronera region. Approximately five airlines, including Coastal Aviation, Air Excel, and Auric Air, operate flights to the Seronera airstrip, offering both scheduled and charter flights.

Accommodations in the Seronera area range from luxury to mid-range, including Seronera Wildlife Lodge, Serengeti Safari Lodge, Serengeti Simba Lodge, Kananga Special Tented Camp, One Nature Nyaruswiga, Mbalageti Serengeti, as well as Zawadi Serengeti Camp.

Game drives are carried out at any of these lodges during the early mornings, afternoons, and late evenings. Morning game drives are particularly favored, as wildlife tends to be more active during this time, making it easier to spot the “Big Five” (lions, buffalo, rhino, elephants, and leopards). Watching big cats (lions, leopards, and cheetahs) hunt in the open Savannah plains is the highlight of a safari in the Seronera area. Additionally, herbivores such as antelopes, giraffes, elephants, buffalos, waterbucks, elands, zebras, and wildebeests can often be observed grazing near waterholes.

The Seronera area of the Serengeti offers an unforgettable safari experience, allowing visitors to connect with the incredible wildlife and captivating landscapes that make this region a must-visit destination.

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