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The group safari Tanzania offers is amazing. Tanzania group safaris can be shared, private, small (Tanzania small group safari tours), or large, depending on your personal needs. You can opt to join a shared group safari in Tanzania or book a private one with your travel buddies.

Tanzania joining safaris are an excellent way of reducing accommodation, guiding, and transportation costs. They make your safari packages much cheaper as everyone shares common facilities. When you join a group, you have the opportunity to bond with travelers from other parts of the world, which is fantastic, as you'll learn new things. We are here to plan your memorable group safari in Tanzania.

Top Tanzania Joining Safaris

We arrange group departure safaris that commence and end in Arusha town.

You are welcome to join any of our scheduled trips, provided there are free slots available.

To join a group safari in Tanzania, please contact us several months in advance so we can provide you with our travel plans and scheduled trips.

Our Tanzania group safaris take you to the best national parks in Tanzania, including Tarangire National Park, Serengeti National Park, Arusha National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Mount Kilimanjaro National Park, and Lake Manyara National Park, among others.

Affordable Tanzania Group Tours

We organize both scheduled and non-scheduled group tours in this beautiful country for students, families, researchers, workmates, the corporate class, and friends.

Join one of our guided Tanzania group safaris, where you will be grouped with fellow tourists to enjoy the soul of Africa together.

We operate a range of group tours for a more sociable Africa experience.

All of our scheduled groups in Tanzania use vehicles that accommodate 6 passengers or more, all guaranteed window seats, and ample standing space through the roof hatch for game drives.

A group safari in Tanzania is a rewarding experience.

Spend time with like-minded travelers watching herds of elephants in Tarangire, admiring the golden landscapes of Serengeti, or trying to spot elusive tree-climbing lions in Lake Manyara National Park.

The majority of our set-date group departures are based around Tanzania’s popular Northern Circuit, which combines Arusha, the towering Kilimanjaro, Serengeti National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, and Tarangire National Park—all of which are Africa’s top destinations for epic game viewing and adventure.

We offer a whole range of set-date departures that cover the different categories of budgets available throughout the region, whether it’s a high-end safari or a more budget-focused adventure.

Some of the things to do while on your group safari in Tanzania, among others, include spotting the big five, witnessing the wildebeest migration, seeing a kneeling warthog, going bird-watching, taking your safari into the sky on a hot air balloon, participating in the Maasai tribe welcome dance, seeing a hippo pool, and standing in the Ngorongoro Crater.

These activities reward you with a unique experience because we believe that in a group, there are opportunities to spot various attractions simultaneously.

We believe that group safaris create friendships through interaction with people from different parts of the world, fostering teamwork, bonding, problem-solving skills, and sharing costs like vehicle, fuel, and driver-guide fees.

We have created several safari group tours that differ in time length, destinations to visit, and budget.


Both small and large group safaris in Tanzania have their own advantages and considerations, but the choice between the 2 lies with you and depends on your preferences, tastes, budget and the type of safari experience you’re seeking for from your visit to Tanzania.


Advantages and Considerations

Flexibility: Smaller safari groups often have more flexibility in terms of itinerary adjustments and wildlife viewing. Guides can easily cater to individual interests and preferences since the group is not big.

Personalized Experience: Smaller groups allow for a more intimate and personalized experience. You’re likely to have more interaction with your guide and fellow travelers when you join a small group on your Tanzania safari.

Closer Wildlife Encounters: Animals may be less disturbed by smaller groups, thus providing a more authentic experience. You are more likely to enjoy closer and more exclusive wildlife encounters during your wildlife game drives.

Group Dynamics: Smaller safari groups can lead to better group dynamics in the end allowing travelers to bond more closely and share the wildlife safari experience in a more cohesive and comfortable way.

Limited Availability: Small group tours usually have limited availability; this means you have to plan and book well in advance to secure a spot on a small group safari to Tanzania.

Cost: Small group safaris in / to Tanzania tend to be more expensive on a per-person basis compared to larger group safaris. This is because the costs are spread among fewer travelers.


Advantages and Considerations

Cost-Effective: Large group safaris in Tanzania are generally more budget-friendly because the costs are distributed among a larger number of travelers.

Social Interaction: For those who enjoy socializing, meeting a diverse group of people, a larger group safari provides more opportunities for socializing and making new friends with the same interests while experiencing the wilderness.

Economies of Scale Benefits: Larger groups can sometimes benefit from economies of scale, resulting in lower overall costs for accommodation, transportation and activities.

Less Personalized: Large safari groups may result in a less personalized and interactive experience with less individual attention from the safari guides. It can be harder to tailor the experience to individual preferences.

Logistical Challenges: Moving a large safari group can be logistically challenging and it may take longer to organize activities and transitions.

Wildlife Viewing Challenges: Large groups might be more noticeable to wildlife, potentially affecting animal behavior and making it harder to get close for viewing.

To conclude, note that in any type of safari group tour, small or large, chances of getting a window seat are a probability, you have to be prepared to compromise, be patient as not all of you will always be on time and you should be flexible with your travel dates as safari group tours have fixed / scheduled dates.


Tanzania offers a variety of stunning destinations for group safaris, providing an opportunity to witness diverse animal and birdlife, breathtaking scenic landscapes and rich cultures.


Serengeti National Park (North Tanzania)

Famous for the annual Great Wildebeest / Wildlife Migration, where millions of wildebeest and other herbivores move across the plains, Serengeti national park is the top Tanzania group safari destination. This vast park prides in abundant wildlife, including the Big 5 African animals and hundreds of beautiful bird species. There is a lot to do while in Serengeti national park, that is game drives, walking safaris, hot air ballon safaris, birding and Maasai cultural community visits.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area (North Tanzania)

Ngorongoro conservation area is home to the famous Ngorongoro Crater, a volcanic caldera with a high concentration of wildlife of about 30,000 animals including the Big 5. Crater game drives, hot air ballon safaris, guided walking / hiking expeditions, bird watching, visit to Olduvai Gorge and more await you og your group safari to Ngorongoro.

Tarangire National Park (North Tanzania)

Tarangire national park is known as the home of a large population of elephants and diverse rich birdlife. Explore this unique national park with stunning landscapes dotted with ancient baobab trees on guided game drives, walking safaris, birding safaris, hot air balloon safaris and more.

Lake Manyara National Park (North Tanzania)

Lake Manyara national park is famously known for its unique tree-climbing lions and diverse ecosystems spearheaded by Lake Manyara, a soda lake within the park that attracts a rich birdlife to the park including thousands of flamingos and many other water birds and other bird species. While in Lake Manyara, go on game drives, guided nature walks, tree-top walkway, cultural tours among others.

Nyerere National Park (South Tanzania)

Nyerere national park is the most visited park in the South and the largest in the country. Explore its vast wilderness on game drives, group boat safaris along the mighty Rufiji River for a different wildlife perspective. Hot air ballon safaris, birdwatching and walking safaris are among the other available activities.

Ruaha National Park (South Tanzania)

Ruaha national park is among the large protected areas in Tanzania located in the South in a remote region. Among the most visited parks in the South of Tanzania but less crowded compared to other parks in the North of Tanzania. Explore its diverse landscapes on rewarding game drives including the Great Ruaha River and ancient baobab tree studded plains

Mahale Mountains National Park (West Tanzania)

Mahale Mountains national park is one of the 2 homes of Tanzania’s wild chimpanzee populations. Go on a group chimpanzee trekking experience in the forested park for a chance to encounter the endangered chimpanzees. After the trek, you could enjoy some downtime at the beach along Lake Tanganyika and get to swim in its clear waters.

Katavi National Park (West Tanzania)

Katavi national park is in a remote region, off the beaten path, thus providing a more exclusive safari experience for the visitors to the park. You will encounter large herds of buffalo and other wildlife in a pristine wilderness during your group safari game drives.

Mikumi National Park (South Tanzania)

Mikumi national park is easily accessible from Dar es Salaam City along the coast of Tanzania, making it a convenient option for group safaris. It has abundant wildlife including giraffes, zebras and elephants and a vibrant birdlife. Guided walking safaris, birding and cultural tours are available activities in the park.

Tanzanian Coast and Islands (East Tanzania)

Combine your safari with some relaxation on the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar Island, Pemba Island or Mafia Island.

  • Explore the rich history and culture of Stone Town in Zanzibar.
  • Go scuba diving and snorkeling
  • Swim with sea turtles
  • Beach games, walks, surfing and swimming
  • Dhow sunset cruises
  • Marine Park visits on Mafia Island

When planning a group safari, it’s essential to consider the preferences and interests of all participants. Work with a reputable tour operator that specializes in group travel to ensure a well-organized and enjoyable experience for everyone thus creating fun and memorable group safari memories.


Tanzania is one of the top safari destinations in Africa and is generally considered a safe destination for travelers from all over the world. However, it’s important to note that the safety situation in any country can change over time due to various factors such as political, economic and social developments.

Therefore, before traveling to Tanzania or any other destination, it’s advisable to check for the latest travel advisories from your government and reputable travel sources. Keep in mind that safety conditions can vary across different regions within a country, so it’s important to research the specific areas you plan to visit.

While In Tanzania:

  • Practicing common-sense safety measures, such as being aware of your surroundings, avoiding risky areas, and following local guidelines, can contribute to a safer travel experience.
  • Always stay informed about the current situation, and consider consulting with local authorities or your embassy if you have any concerns.
  • Keep your valuables safe and away from sight especially when in crowded urban centers as petty crimes like pick-pocketing are at high.
  • Avoid moving out alone at night while in Tanzania.
  • Be very alert and avoid being scammed especially when in crowded areas. Which you should generally avoid.
  • Same sex public display of affection should be avoided. It is advisable for the LGBTQ+ travelers to stay discreet especially when around locals and in public places for an enjoyable experience in Tanzania.
  • Always carry copies of your identification with you and your visa. Keep the originals safe at your accommodation.
  • If you choose to use public transport while in Tanzania, it is best to call up a reliable taxi driver than taking up any available taxi on the street.
  • While in the wilderness, that is national parks, do follow the guidelines of your safari guide and the park rules and regulations for your own safety.
  • Do purchase a travel insurance policy when planning on traveling to Tanzania.

All in all, Tanzania is a very safe destination for visitors. Just take the necessary precautions and you will have the best Tanzanian experience.

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