Tanzania Family Safaris – Unforgettable Adventures for All Ages

Tanzania family safaris offer pleasure to those traveling with family. The most visited destinations in Tanzania are family-friendly. Taking your family to Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area for a holiday is essential for avid family travelers. Tanzania safaris offer unique and fresh experiences at all times. There is an abundance of mammals, flora, and fauna, all nestled within stunning scenery.

Most of the top safari lodges in Tanzania feature family cottages, allowing you to stay together, which is ideal for families. See some of our Tanzania family safari packages below and start planning your family-friendly travel holiday off the right foot.

Top Tanzania Family Safari Packages

Tanzania boasts both modern and historical sites, several World Heritage sites, excellent accommodation facilities, and comfortable means of transportation.

All our family safaris in Tanzania are meticulously organized, covering accommodation, transportation, activities, safety, meal plans, and much more.

Contact us today to plan a well-organized family vacation in Tanzania at unbeatable prices.

Authentic Tanzania Family Safaris

Eating and drinking are their hobbies during the trip, so this is well catered for.

Parents must vaccinate their children against potential illnesses like malaria and any other infections; they should be closely supervised, especially while at the park since it is all wilderness, and animals roam without any restrictions.

You can engage in numerous activities during your safari, such as visiting the southern part of the country, which offers a variety of safari experiences to the entire family with tremendous boat escapades, primate trekking challenges, nature walks, camping, and flying trips.

Yet, the northern part presents to you the opportunity of encountering your favorite savannah game, such as the wildebeest, buffalo, elephants, antelopes, crocodiles, hippos, and lions among others, with birds flying from one tree branch to another in the wilderness of the Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park.

Serengeti National Park

No family member regrets setting foot in this amazing destination; it is Tanzania’s most famous national park and ranked among the top in Africa.

Its wilderness offers refuge to a large number of mammals such as lions, buffaloes, elephants, leopards, zebras, and numerous birds and beautiful plant species.

Don’t miss out on the annual supernatural movement in the wilderness as the wildebeests, accompanied by several mammals, cross to the Masai Mara in search of new pastures and water.

It is really fun and entertaining watching the battle for survival; what you need are good cameras for the whole family, a jacket in case of rain, and a positive spirit.

The accommodations are available and suit family interests.

Ngorongoro Crater

This is a special offer to every family visiting Tanzania; the destination is very scenic, and in just 6 hours, you will have gotten the real satisfaction you are searching for.

The destination offers chances of getting a clear view of one of the world’s seven wonders, besides the elephants, buffaloes, and lions among other attractions. It is an amazing deal not to be missed.

Gombe Stream National Park

Your family must visit their cousins, the chimpanzees, at their home in Gombe Stream and Mahale Forest National Parks.

These destinations offer a safe haven to chimpanzees that share 98% of human DNA, co-existing with other primates such as baboons, colobus monkeys, among others.

Watching the antics of these creatures is fascinating: how they jump from tree to tree, make noise, and use rare skills to find food.

Though children below the age of 15 are not allowed to trek, we have developed options for them, such as taking them to the zoo or conservation areas for the same opportunity.

It would be fair if we took you to the Zanzibar beaches to just relax and refresh from the long safari vacations, reflect on your family plans, and swim as a family.

A family safari to Tanzania is very affordable, safe, and interesting. The time and season for traveling as a family in Tanzania is now.


Tanzania offers a variety of family-friendly travel destinations, combining stunning natural beauty with unique cultural experiences like visiting the famous Maasai homesteads, the Hadzabe people and or the Datoga people.

9 of the best family travel destinations in Tanzania

Serengeti National Park: The most visited national park in Tanzania and a very good family safari destination. While in Serengeti national park;

  • Get the chance to witness the incredible wildlife during the Great Wildebeest Migration.
  • Go on game drives to explore the endless plains.
  • Go on guided family walking safaris.
  • Take a hot air balloon safari for a unique wilderness experience with your family.
  • Visit a Maasai village for a cultural experience.
  • Stay in family-friendly safari lodges or tented safari camps with guided safari experiences.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area: Home to the world’s biggest unfilled volcanic caldera, Ngorongoro Crater that is home to the Big 5 (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino) and many other animals and different bird species. While in Ngorongoro;

  • Explore the floor of the Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on an early morning game drive
  • See diverse wildlife, including the Big Five; that is the lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos (endangered) and buffalos.
  • Take on a scenic guided family crater rim drive or hike.
  • Enjoy a picnic lunch near the hippo pool in the crater.
  • Visit the Olduvai Gorge archaeological site and the Olduvai Gorge Museum for a family educational tour.

Zanzibar: A tropical island dabbed the Spice Island with white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean perfect for a family beach holiday. While in Zanzibar;

  • Relax on the beautiful beaches with white sand and clear turquoise waters.
  • Visit the old Stone Town for a blend of culture, history and vibrant markets.
  • Explore the spice plantations and tickle your taste buds with locally grown fresh spices.
  • Swim with sea turtles.
  • Go on a boat cruise to enjoy cool breeze from the Indian Ocean as you visit different islands.
  • Go snorkeling and scuba diving if travelling with older kids or teenagers.

Mount Kilimanjaro: A member of the Seven summits, holding the highest point in Africa at Uhuru peak, 5,895 meters above sea level. Summiting the Kilimanjaro is a great adventure experience that will stay with your family for a lifetime.

  • While climbing Kilimanjaro might not be suitable for younger children, older kids and teenagers may enjoy the adventure.
  • There is an option of shorter Kilimanjaro treks around the base for a family-friendly Mount Kilimanjaro experience.

Nyerere national park: This is one of Tanzania’s largest parks located in the South of the country West of Dar es Salaam. It is the most visited national park in the south. While in Nyerere national park;

  • Enjoy a family boat safari along Rufiji River where you will spot hippos and crocodiles in the river and other animals at the shores.
  • Explore Nyerere national park on game drives.
  • Engage in guided walking safaris to get a closer encounter with the vast wilderness of Nyerere.
  • If your kids are bird lovers, you can enjoy a birdwatching expedition in Nyerere.
  • Stay in family-friendly safari lodges with activities for children.

Mikumi National Park: Located in the Southern part of Tanzania, Mikumi national park is one of the popular Southern safari circuit destinations, easily accessed from Dar es Salaam and a very good family safari destination. While in Mikumi national park;

  • Go on game drives and look out for a variety of wildlife, including elephants, giraffes, zebras and buffalos.
  • Go on guided cultural tours.
  • Stay in safari camps / lodges with family-friendly amenities.

Tarangire National Park: Home to large herds of the African Elephants in Tanzania and huge ancient baobab trees. While in Tarangire national park;

  • Take on guided game drives along Tarangire River to spot the different wildlife in Tarangire.
  • Guided walking safaris
  • Birdwatching safaris
  • Guided cultural tours
  • Stay in family-friendly safari camps / lodges with comfortable accommodations and children’s activities.

Lake Manyara National Park: A beautiful park that is home to the unique population of tree climbing lions and a soda lake famous for being one of the breeding grounds of flamingos in Tanzania, Lake Manyara which gives its name to the park. While in Lake Manyara national park;

  • Go on game drives along Lake Manyara and other parts of the park.
  • Lake Manyara is Ideal for a rewarding bird watching experience as it hosts a rich birdlife.
  • Keep an eye out for tree-climbing lions among other animals.
  • Stay at one of the family-friendly accommodations around the park for a comfortable stay in the wild
  • Go on a guided community visits for a family cultural experience.
  • Go for the treetop walkway.
  • Take a detour to Mto wa Mbu, a town where all 120 tribes of Tanzania are represented.

Arusha: Arusha town is the base for Tanzania wildlife safaris, most of the tours start from here. It is a lovely town to explore. While in Arusha town;

  • Explore some of the cultural heritage sites, such as the Arusha Cultural Heritage Centre for an educational cultural tour
  • Visit the beautiful Arusha National Park for a family day trip.

When planning a family trip to Tanzania, consider the ages and interests of your children, as well as the travel logistics. It’s also important to check travel advisories and health recommendations before planning your trip.

Some of the tourist activities and family safari lodges / camps have minimum ages, therefore, do talk to your operator to find out which activities and safari lodges or camps will fit your family. A combined wildlife and beach holiday family holiday to Tanzania is highly recommended.

Tanzania Family Safari Tips

Going on a wildlife safari in Tanzania can be an exciting and memorable experience. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your Tanzania safari:

Do your research and plan accordingly

Putting into consideration of what you want to do and see during your safari in Tanzania, do your research and know which time is best to visit which region or national park in Tanzania that aligns with your interests. Popular destinations include the Serengeti national park, Ngorongoro Conservation area, Lake Manyara and Nyerere national park which are best visited during the dry season (June to October).

Choose the Right Tour Operator

Select a reputable tour operator with experienced guides to work with during the planning and organization of your Tanzania safari and all through the actual safari once you get to Tanzania. Ask for recommendations and or check for reviews from other travelers.

Peak season (June to October)

If you are planning on visiting Tanzania for a safari during the months of June to October, it is advisable that you book for your safari way in advance as Tanzania’s national parks and other popular tourism sites experience a lot of tourist traffic during these months. Also be aware of the high season rates.

Low season (Green season)

Suitable for those who would like to escape the crowds of the peak season, for those travelling on a budget and for the bird lovers. This period is between the months of November to March

Take Health Measures and Precautions

Consult with your healthcare provider about necessary vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis before traveling to Tanzania and carry along a basic personal first aid kit with essentials such as pain relievers, antimalarials, antidiarrheal medication, hand sanitizer, water purification tablets and any prescribed medications you might need.

Pack Appropriately

Putting into mins the time you are planning on visiting Tanzania, that is the dry or wet season, do pack according for the specific climatic conditions. Endeavor to pack lightweight and neutral-colored clothing for your wilderness safari and layered clothing if you are planning on climbing the Kilimanjaro or Mt. Meru and other necessary equipment.

Somethings are not to be forgotten like a camera and extra batteries, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent, and a good pair of binoculars for the excellent birdwatching safaris.

Cultural Sensitivity

Respect the local culture and customs. If you have the opportunity to visit local villages on guided cultural tours, do so with respect and have an open mind. Respect the local’s privacy and do not take pictures of them without their consent.

Respect Wildlife and Environment

Follow the guidance of your safari tour guide at all times and adhere to national park rules and regulations for your own safety and the safety of the wildlife.

Patience is key and it pays

Nature has its own pace, and sometimes it takes time to encounter nature’s best kept secrets, therefore practice patience and enjoy each moment as it comes. The wilderness is not as you see it on nature / wildlife TV shows, wildlife sightings aren’t always a guarantee. For those looking forward to witnessing the wildebeest migration crossing the mighty Mara River, you will have to plan for more days on safari in Serengeti as the timing of these breathtaking river crossings is very unpredictable.

Acquire a Travel Insurance policy

Purchase a comprehensive travel insurance that covers medical emergencies, evacuations from remote areas or mountain areas and trip cancellations.

Activities you can take part in while on safari in Tanzania

  • Game drives
  • Night game drives in a few specific national parks
  • Hot air balloon safaris
  • Chimpanzee trekking
  • Boat rides and canoeing
  • Birding safaris
  • Walking safaris
  • Mountain climbing
  • Hiking
  • Scuba diving and snorkeling
  • Swimming with sea turtles
  • Camping safaris
  • Bush meals
  • Flying safaris
  • Sunset dhow cruises

Other Tanzania Safari Types

There are various Tanzania safari types that you can book to make your holiday unique.

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