Discounted Rwanda Budget Holidays & Cheap Safaris in Rwanda

Budget Holidays in Rwanda

There are so many activities for tourists to engage in while in Rwanda at a very low cost, such as a canopy walk in Nyungwe national park where you have the opportunity engaging in a magical walk that is 7mtrs above the forest while viewing several primate plays while jumping from one tree branch to another.

Others include Chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe forest, Birding, Hiking, Biking, camping, Nightlife experience in Kigali city, Gorilla trekking and cultural experience.

Budget Transportation in Rwanda

Keep this in mind, there are so many ways of reaching a destination, however, ours is so pocket-friendly, fun-packed and reliable.

while touring the city, you can walk on foot instead of using a vehicle, this gives you an opportunity of getting closer to the attractions that are far from the main road, learning two-three local words used in the street, saving time since you will not be caught up in jam and above all, physical exercise.

Also, we advise you to take a public transport means; buses can be very ideal and cheaper as you can freely interact with the natives as you head to your destinations, other options, include navigating the city using a motorbike or a Taxi and a special hire, contact us for prizes because it varies, but still pocket-friendly.

Food and Beverages

All travelers admit to the fact that food and beverages are very essential when it comes to traveling.

we advise that instead of hustling to match up with the expensive hotel foods, hit the street and get yourself simple chicken, roasted meat or vegetables and enjoy each moment.

There are available restaurants with relatively cheaper cuisines. Soda, Juice, and water in the streets are also very cost-effective and very affordable.

Budget Accommodation & Lodges

Despite the fact the tourists may by knowing only the luxury hotels and lodges, there are also budget pocket friend lodges and restaurants for one to stay.

While there are many luxury hotels and lodges, on the other hand, there are also several hostels or budget-friendly hotels, camps and lodges.

Camping is the best option for those heading to the national park, there are already existing camps, carefully erected to meet your safari needs, however, choose to make one for yourself in the allocated place in the middle of the wilderness.

Budget safaris in Rwanda is available all year round so nothing should hinder you, never exaggerate the expense because it is always affordable and pocket-friendly, we believe the above information can guide you when deciding on visiting Rwanda.

Rwanda budget safaris – Taking a budget safari to Rwanda is a great way of saving money. Rwanda might not be every budget traveler’s ideal destination because it is expensive BUT we make it possible for you to have Rwanda budget holidays at discounted prices. The country better suits upmarket travel. Whatever you can get in Rwanda, can be got a very cheap price in nearby destinations. However, if you insist on visiting Rwanda on a budget, we can offer as much discounts as we can to make your Rwanda safari extremely affordable. All this being said, your quotation might be slighter costly than a typical budget quotation. This shouldn’t freak you out because of variations in pricing of different tourism industries.

The gorilla trekking experience in a no go for budget travelers as gorilla permits cost $1500 each. The same permits cost $700 in Uganda and $400 in DRC Congo respectively. Client’s interested in seeing gorillas on a budget should look at those alternate destinations. The best Rwanda budget holidays can be got from Akagera National Park in the Eastern Province of the country and Nyungwe Forest National Park, in the southern province of the country. Lets plan your budget safaris to Rwanda today. Get in touch with us.

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