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Toubkal circuit Trek

In the high Atlas Mountains, this climb is very unique. The trek around Mount Toubkal is a six-day circuit. This walk is not for the faint of heart, with several breathtaking passes, breathtaking campsites, and of course the peak of Toubkal to contend with.
On the other hand, the 6-day Toubkal Circuit route offers beautiful views along with an opportunity to learn about Berber culture as it winds through the high Atlas Mountains. Furthermore, as you see the locals tend to their livestock and labor in their terraced fields, you will get immersed in genuine Berber life from the very first day of the trip. Then, this strategy calls for early starts and demanding hiking days, requiring daily camp-to-camp relocation. We will then be rewarded with several fantastic photo opportunities, especially at the top of Jebel Toubkal (4167m). After a demanding day, you can swim in Lac D’Ifni, which is 2295 meters, or simply relax with a cup of mint tea in a tiny cafe.
We leave Marrakech after breakfast and travel to Imlil via Asni. Besides, most hikers start their paths in the lively market town of Imlil. But there’s no shortage of activity from those who are ready to embark on their journey, and there are always those coming down from the mountains. We meet the mules once our gear is piled onto them and begin our trek across the valley toward Tacheddirt. The trail quickly begins to climb in order to reach Tizi n’Tamatert Pass (2,279m). After there, we make a little climb to the quaint village of Ouaneskra before making our way down to Tacheddirt (2,300m). Usually, we pitch our tents close to the river.
We cross the valley and begin a long, arduous climb to the pass at Tizi Likemt (3,555m). The going is fairly tough because of the abundance of loose scree on the ground. Prior to commencing our extensive descend to Azib Likemt village, we made camp for the night. At the top, we take in the stunning view of the Toubkal massif for the first time. six hours on foot.
This is a long but rather easy day that takes you through a variety of extremely varied scenery. From Tizi n’Ououraine (3,120m) (3,876m), we have more views of the Toubkal mountain, including the peak, the east face, and the Ifni Dome. Amsouzert, one of the most amazing villages in the region, is reached by following the path. We stay the night in a modest guesthouse in the village.

To the west of Amsouzert, we pass through a number of tiny communities until arriving at Ifni Lake, the only lake inside the mountain. The view, which is flanked by craggy mountains and massive amounts of rubble, is incredibly moving. We plan to arrive by lunchtime and then relax by the water for the afternoon. Here, we pitched our tent for the night.
We should be fit and well-acclimatized by now, ready to tackle the hardest day of the walk. Start by hiking up a rocky trail that leads up to an endless scree slope. After some time, we reach the pass at Tizi n’Ouanoums (3,664m), a narrow ledge sandwiched between two vertical granite faces. After a long zigzagging descent from here, we spend the night at the mountain shelter at Nelter Hut (or camp outside).
We left early in the morning and ascended to the summit along a well-trod path. At the top, we have sweeping views of the plains beyond Marrakech as well as the whole Atlas mountain range. If the weather is cooperative, it shouldn’t take more than two or three hours. We soon drop to the settlements of Sidi Chamharouch and Aremd after making our way back to the starting point. From there, we follow the Mizane River via a highly forested track until we reach the trailhead at Imlil. If you are staying in Marrakech, you will be driven there at the end of the day. That marks the end of our trek around the Toubkal circuit.
Day 1: Marrakech-Imlil-Tacheddirt.
After breakfast, we depart from Marrakech and go via Asni to Imlil. Imlil is a bustling market town and the main walking trailhead. People are always moving down from the mountains, and those who are prepared to set out on their journey are also moving constantly. After meeting our mule team and loading all of our baggage, we set out to trek the 8 km or so to Tacheddirt along the valley from Imlil. The terrain soon starts to climb as we make our way to the 2279-meter-high Tizi n’Tamatert pass. After there, we make our way down to the charming village of Ouaneskra and continue for another thirty minutes or so to Tacheddirt (3000m), where we usually set up tent next to the river.
Day 2: Tachdirt – Tizi n’Likemt (3550m) – Azib N’Likmet (2250m).
After breakfast, we set out for Tizi n’Likemt (3550m), a 3:30 ascent, where we pause to take in the views of the surrounding mountains and the Tachdirt Valley. We descend quickly, pause for lunch, and then go for an additional hour to our camp near Aazib n’Likemt, where we come across flocks of sheep and goats that are nomadic shepherds. 6H walk
Day 3:Azib N’Likmet (2250m) – Amsouzarte (1740m).
From the pastures of the high highlands, a day’s hike leads to the summit of Tizi Ourai (3109 m). We descend to the valley of Tinzar, where we pause for lunch and take in the architecture of the Berber settlements. From there, we cross the High Atlas range and arrive at the southern slopes of the Atlas. Spend the night at a berber lodge.
Day 4: Amsouzarte (1740m) – Imhilene – Lake Ifni (2295m).
Lake Ifni (2295 m), which is at the foot of a valley flanked by the hills of Jebel Toubkal, is reached when we descend into the valley of Islani via the villages of Ibrouane and Tisgouane Takatert. We have a great evening by the lake.
Day 5: Lake Ifni (2295m) – Tizi ouanoums (3670m) – Neltner Refuge (3207m).
The day begins with a pleasant, leisurely climb up to the Ouanoums Neck (3670m). Enjoying the view of the other four thousand-meter peaks from the pass, we then make our way down to the shelter-a gathering spot for hikers and the surrounding environment. Sleep in tents close to the sanctuary.
Day: Neltner Refuge (3207m) – summit of Toubkal (4167m) – Imlil (1740m) – Marrakech.
Early departure for the roof of North Africa, the mountain of Toubkal (4167 m). We relished the view of the surrounding valleys and other mountains. After lunch, we make our way down to the refuge before returning to Marrakech via the village of Imlil.

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