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You can make your honeymoon a remarkable experience by visiting Madagascar for an adventure full of unique experiences that you’ll find nowhere else in the whole world. Visiting the streets in Madagascar’s capital, Antananarivo that is characterized by rich architecture, then spend some quality time at the white Sanded beaches, encounter luxuriant rainforests of Anjajavy hosting abundance of wildlife including leaping lemurs, ancient baobabs, private coves. The hotel rooms are clean, comfortable and romantic with stunning views.

Day 1
Upon landing at Ivato International Airport, you’ll be met and welcomed by an English-speaking guide who will transfer you safely to Maison Gallieni, your hotel where you will spend one night, but for now, relax and unwind or you can decide to explore the beautiful city of Tana. The mansion came into existence in early 1879 on the site of granite quarry and it used to host the first bank created in Madagascar. Being nestled on a hill in the heart of Malagasy capital, it offers you an uninterrupted view of the town. This afternoon, you can relax in the hotel, at the pool, or head out to explore the colorful city of Antananarivo, known locally as ‘Tana’.

Day 2
As you start your second day, you will be greeted with a delicious early breakfast. After which you’ll be transferred to Ivato International Airport to catch your domestic flight to Anjajavy. You’ll be met and welcomed by a hotel representative who will drive you safely to Anjajavy Lodge, which is situated on the northwest coast of Madagascar. Positioned on the balcony of your hotel room, you will be able to becon at the Indian ocean and other adjoining lush vegetation and magical forests filled with lemurs, chameleons and hummingbirds. In the evening you may decide to go for a thrilling night walk to have a glimpse on the wild nocturnals including the playful Coquerel’s siafakas and the tiny Danfoss’s mouse. There are high chances of hearing an unusual screaming of the Grewcock’s sportive lemur, and watch Commerson’s leaf-nosed bat, the endemic Tsingy tufted-tailed rat, and the elusive fossa, known as Madagascar’s largest predator.

Day 3
Upon finishing your breakfast in the morning, you’ll go for a walking safari along the Crab’s path (Chemin des Crabes), where you’ll encounter ancient baobabs, the famous hairy crab and a kaleidoscope of birdlife including the bright red fody, Souimanga sunbird, paradise flycatcher, Madagascar fish eagle, crested ibis and the rare Madagascar sacred ibis. You will also pay a visit to a cave where you’ll discover historical treasures including stalactites, sharks’ teeth and a fossilized lemur skull. After the trip you will head back to the lodge to enjoy lunch after which you’ll enjoy your leisure either at the side of the infinity pool or inside the pool. If not you can do other exciting activities like exploring the private coves neighboring the lodge.

Day 4
After breakfast, you will head out for a long walk along the King’s Alley and Giant’s Causeway, lined with ancient baobab trees and Tsingy rock formations found only on the island. You will also witness Coquerel’s sifakas, a remarkable species of lemur that bounces across the ground like a mini kangaroo. The sifakas and other species of lemur, such as the common brown lemur, roam freely around the lodge gardens and the reserve. After all this, you will return to the hotel for a buffet lunch that is enjoyed in a green space characterized by Madagascar’s lush bushes and vegetation. you’ll be astonished by the bird life hosted in the area and they include the Souimanga sunbirds and the Malagasy kingfishers, frogs and chameleons can also be seen in the pond, and families of lemurs leaping through the canopy.

Day 5
From a wide selection of land based and water based activities, you are free to choose which activity to engage in, ranging from customized excursions to neighboring islands and nature reserves, scuba diving, snorkeling, quad biking and fishing. You can have a remarkable experience with the Madagascar bats in the cave of the Sakalava, among the stalagmites and stalactites, or retreat to one of the deserted beaches along the Anjajavy Peninsula for a romantic picnic. Paying a visit to Antafiamoara, will introduce you to the Giant tortoises who were reintroduced to the Anjajavy Reserve in 2018 after 750 years of extinction, or see the Anjajavy and Ambodro Ampasy villages where you can visit the markets filled with handmade crafts.

Day 6
This day marks the end of your spectacular Madagascar honeymoon. Enjoy your last early breakfast after which you will meet your guide wko will transfer you to the airport, where you’ll board your scheduled charter flight to Antananarivo. On arrival at Ivato International Airport, you’ll be met by a staff member who will assist you in boarding your return flight home. By the time you leave Madagascar, you won’t be the way you came as you will be carrying lifeTime memories of Madagascar’s beautiful nature and spectacular wildlife that will stay with you forever.

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