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Experience the Andasibe reserve’s lemur in five days, one of Madagascar’s most famous national parks, renowned for its endemic wildlife and lush wilderness. Enjoy the chance to spot chameleons, tenrecs, a wide variety of orchids, and of course, different species of lemurs. Also enjoy a unique cycling experience through Ambohimanga King’s Palace which will introduce you to Antananarivo’s Beautiful landscapes.

Day 1;
On reaching Antananarivo, Madagascar’s capital, you will meet up with your representative at the airport who will safely transfer you to your luxurious hotel. You will have the full day to rest and or explore the impressive capital city where you will come to know a lot of new things and places. This opens up the door to your exciting tour as you encounter natural and cultural attractions, historical landmarks along with traditional malagasy and colonial influences as you move through the city to marketplaces and other breathtaking areas.

Day 2.
A brief driving tour around Tana leads us to a journey to Andasibe through the green and lush vegetation which opens up the humid part of Madagascar’s numerous primary forests
and lakes along with landscape consisting of rice fields, waterfalls and scanty forest stations. As you progress with the journey, you will encounter villages of the Merina people on the rock side of the mountain. On arrival, you will check in to your hotel room and thereafter you’ll go for a night walk in the Andasibe area where you will be able to witness the night active lemurs and other nocturnals.

Day 3
In the early morning you will be greeted by a tasty breakfast after which you will take a morning visit to the Andasibe reserve, be sure to encounter many new things and animal species that call it a home. Your guide will help you to search for the indri and largest lemurs on the island as you witness other surprising features like a wide variety of orchids, canopy, and endemic animals like chameleons, tenrecs, and many birds that make this reserve a unique place to find Flora and fauna in its full capacity. The afternoon is occupied by a visit to V.O.I.I.M.A community reserve where you will find a variety of wildlife, ranging from brown lemurs, indri, chameleons, geckos and birds

Day 4
You will travel back to Antananarivo and then go for a cycling tour to Ambohimanga king’s palace, the only UNESCO World Heritage Site and the birthplace for the Merina kingdom holding a spirituality and scared significance up to date.As you pedal through the landscapes, the Ambohimanga King’s Palace beckons with its rich history and architectural marvels. You will be moved a couple of years back in the centuries as you pass through the hallowed grounds that echo with whispers of a bygone era and the sacred significance that still graces this exceptional site allows you to connect with the cultural roots that have shaped Madagascar’s identity over the centuries.

Day 5
Your morning will be greeted by a tasty breakfast after which you will bid farewell to the luxuriant landscapes and thrilling wildlife. You will start your journey back to Antananarivo, with your mind full of lifetime memories of Madagascar’s natural beauty and the beautiful experience with the unique lemurs along with other animal species you have encountered on your Andasibe reserve during the lemur tour experience.

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