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This tour covers the following areas:
Andasibe national park, Tsingy de bemaraha national park, Palmarium reserve, Baobab Avenue, Kirindy reserve, Nosy Iranja,Nosy Be hell ville, Different kinds of lemurs Nocturnal and diurnal species of birds, Paradise beaches of nosy be

Day 1
When you get to the airport, we’ll be waiting for you with your name on a sign. We’ll then pick you up and take you to your Antananarivo hotel, where we’ll give you a private briefing about your journey and answer your questions about what’s to come. You’ll spend the night at the Chalet des Roses Hotel or similar

Day 2
After breakfast at your hotel, you’ll visit the Queen’s Palace, where you’ll learn about the Malagasy monarchy and the market, where you’ll see colorful products and gain a better insight into the Malagasy way of life. After your visit, you’ll depart for Antsirabe, making a brief stop at the pot-producing capital of Madagascar. You’ll arrive later in the afternoon, where you’ll take part in an opening city tour with Rick Shaw, which will take you around the city. On the way, you can choose to dine at your hotel or take a taxi to one of the restaurants in town.You’ll stay the night at Antsirabe’s Vatolahy Hotel or similar.

Day 3
After breakfast, you will embark on a city tour in Antsirabe, where you will visit the Zebu’shorn factory and a miniature town. After visiting the town, you will continue southwest on road National 34, which connects Antsirabe with Morondava. Along the way, there will be several stops for you to take beautiful photos of the stunning scenery, including mountains, zebus, gold mining, and local villagers.You will stay overnight in Morondava, at Vezo Beach hotel or similar.

Day 4
After breakfast, you will take a drive to the Kirindy Forest, where you will see a variety of animals, birds and plants, including the well-known fossa and some huge baobabs. Driving through the beautiful Baobabs Avenue, you will pause for a couple of minutes to take some photos and enjoy the view, then continue on your way towards the Kirindy Reserve, where you will spend the night. During the night, you will embark on a night walk, where you will be able to observe several species of night lemurs, sleeping birds and geckos, as well as other animals.You will stay overnight in the Kirindy at Relais de Kirindy hotel or similar.

Day 5
After breakfast, you will travel to Kirindy Forest, where you will see several types of lemurs, the famous fossa, and many other bird species. After your stay, you will leave for Bekopaka, the entrance to Tsingy De Bemaraha national park. Along the way, you’ll discover various villages and cross two rivers on a ferry boat. After the ferry, you’ll have lunch. After your lunch, you’ll continue your way to the Bekopaka area. Just a few minutes before your destination, you’ll cross another river on a ferry again for a few minutes, then you’ll drive to your hotel,Bekopaka hotel Orchidée du bemaraha, or similar where you’ll spend the night.

Day 6
On the 6th day, you will spend your time with nature exploring the Tsingy in Bemaraha national park. The Tsingy is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and is the largest protected area by the State of Madagascar. You will see the “cathedral”, the “viewpoint” and the hanging bridge at the Tsingy. Many native animals live here, including Sifaka lemurs and common brown lemurs. Wild birds and the largest carnivore in Madagascar, known as the “Fossa”, can be seen. You will also observe different types of native plants, such as the “palissandre”. You will have lunch at the park and then continue your excursion to the smaller part of the tsingy or stay at your hotel. You will spend the night at Orchidée du Bemaraha hotel or similar in Bekopaka.

Day 7
On day 7 after your breakfast, you will start your drive south to Morondava. Along the way, you will pass by the “In Love baobab,” which is a unique scene of two big baobab trees growing together and intertwined. This tree is believed to symbolize the love between two lovers, and many couples come to this area to renew their marriage vows. After passing by “In Love Baubab,” you will continue your journey to admire the most famous sunset in Madagascar, the Baobab Alley! The baobabs in this area have been around for 800 years, and are one of the most famous attractions in Madagascar. After your Baobab Alley experience, you will continue on your way to your last destination of the day, Morondava. When you arrive, you will stay and relax for the evening at your hotel in Morondava at Vero Beach hotel or similar.

Day 8
After breakfast, you’ll be on your way back to antsirabe. Along the way, you’ll pass by many different villages and watch people work in their rice fields. You’ll also get to enjoy the semi-desert scenery and mountains. You can also visit some villages and meet local people and learn about their culture. You’ll stay overnight in Antrisibe at Vatolahy hotel or similar.

Day 9
After breakfast, you’ll continue on route 7, heading to the Ranomafana national park. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to meet different locals with their terraced rice paddies, a place where you can chat with the children nearby. Later in the evening, you’ll have a night stroll in the park, where you’ll be able to spot many different types of animals, such as frogs, chameleons, and lemurs at night. You’ll stay the night at the Centrest hotel or a similar one.

Day 10
Today you will have a full day full of sightseeing in this magnificent national park, one of the biggest rainforests in Madagascar, where you will be able to see several types of lemur, various birds and plants, and waterfalls. Later in the day, you can choose to spend time swimming in the natural hot springs pool, or go to the botanical gardens to see more of the chameleon and enjoy the beautiful garden.You can stay overnight at Centrest hotel or a similar one in Ranomafana.

Day 11
After breakfast at your hotel, you’ll take a short drive back to your destination. Along the way you’ll enjoy the stunning ambiance and see many vendors selling honey and fruits along the way, as well as beautiful rice paddies. When you reach your destination,Antsirabe, you will stay at your hotel vatolahy or a similar one and rest for the night.

Day 12
Day 12
After breakfast, you will leave for Andasibe, where you will see Madagascar’s largest lemur, Indri-indri, as well as many other species such as the Diademed Sifaka, Common Brown Lemurs, Black and White Ruffed Lemurs, Red Ruffed lemurs and bamboo lemurs, as well as other nocturnal Lemurs, birds such as crocodiles and many Chameleons.On the evening, you will go for a night walk to observe several species of Night Active Lemurs, Chameleons and Frogs.You will spend the night at Andasibe’s Lemurs Lodge Hotel (or similar).

Day 13
You’ll spend a full day in Madagascar’s national park of Andasibe, where the primary forests are thick and humid, and are covered with lignin, moss and fern trees, as well as hundreds of orchid ‘species’. You’ll see many different species of lemur, including the largest of them all, Indri-Indri, the diademed Sifaka, the common brown, the bamboo, and the sportive lemur, as well as pandanus, roman palm tree, tamarind, bamboo, and some rare wood, such as palisander or ebony. In addition, you’ll see 15 other mammal species and over 100 birds, many of them endemic to Madagascar, including many crocodiles and whistling ducks and kingfishers, as well as other types of birds. Spend the night at Andasibe’s Lemurs Lodge hotel or similar.

Day 14
After breakfast, you will leave for the Andasibe – Mantadia National Park, where you will see more of the lemurs and explore the jungle and the primary forest, as well as the waterfalls. After your visit, you will return to your hotel for the night, staying at the Andasibe Lemurs Lodge Hotel (or similar).

Day 15
After breakfast in your hotel, you’ll continue your drive along the RN2 to Palmarium reserve. When you reach Manambato you’ll board a boat and take a boat out on the pangalanes channel until you reach Palmarium. That evening, you’ll embark on your night safari where you’ll get to see some of Madagascar’s endemic wildlife, including the Aye AYE.After your night safari, you’ll take a boat back to the hotel,Palmarium Pal Beach resort & spa or similar where you’ll have dinner and stay the night.

Day 16
Today, you’ll be visiting Palmarium reserve, which is home to a variety of animals and plants. You’ll be able to observe a large number of lemur species, as well as a variety of birds and plants. Later in the day, you can choose to visit the nearby fishermen’s village, or take a boat back to your accommodation, where you can spend the night at Palmarium Resort & Spa, or similar accommodations.

Day 17
After breakfast, you’ll take the boat back to Mahambo, where you’ll meet your driver. You’ll then start your drive back toward Antananarivo, taking in the beauty of Madagascar’s east coast once more on the way. You can also stop at some waterfalls along the way.You’ll spend the night at the Chalet des Roses, one of Antananarivo’s best hotels.

Day 18
After breakfast, you will be driven to the Ivato Airport, where you will hop on a domestic flight to your destination, nosy be.Once you arrive in your destination, you will stay at your hotel, where you will have the opportunity to spend some time exploring the city or relaxing in your hotel room. You can choose to spend the night in the city of nosy be at gérard et francine hotel or another similar hotel.

Day 19
You’ll have a full day at your hotel, which is right next to the beach. If you need to, you can get a massage. In your free time, you can take a stroll by the beach, explore the village nearby, and watch the sun go down in the evening. You will spend the night in Nosy Be at gérard et francine hotel.

Day 20
Today morning you will arrive at the port of Nosy Be and board a speed boat to visit the Marine National Park of Nosy Tanikely, where you will snorkel on one of the finest snorkeling spots in Madagascar. You will see a few groups of Lemurs, then ascend the lighthouse to enjoy the stunning view of the sea from the top. From there, you will sail back to Nosy Komba, where you will see more species of Lemurs and Chameleons, as well as reptiles. After your snorkeling excursion, you will stroll slowly down to a restaurant located near the beach for lunch. After eating, you can take some time to relax before sailing back to Nosy Be on your speed boat.You will spend the night in Nosy Be at a hotel like Gérard Et Francine hotel.

Day 21
After breakfast, you’ll arrive at the port of Nosy Be and hop on a speed boat to the island of Nosy Iranja, which is one of the most beautiful islands in Madagascar. You won’t believe how beautiful the atmosphere will be as you pass by some smaller islands and the color of the sea will be stunning. When you arrive at Nosy Iranja you’ll have some time to relax before snorkelling to see the sea turtles. After snorkeling, you’ll have lunch and visit the village and the panorama area where you’ll be able to admire the island’s beauty. Finally, you’ll return to Nosy Be City on your speed boat and stay the night at a hotel like Gérard Et Francine.

Day 22
You’ll spend the whole day relaxing in your hotel, which is right next to the beach. If you need to, you can do a massage. On your free time, you’ll take a stroll along the beach and in the nearby village, where you’ll be able to watch the sun go down at night.You’ll stay Overnight in Nosy Be at Gérard et Francine hotel or similar.

Day 23
After breakfast on this day (depending on the flight time), you will take a car to the airport in Nosy Be and get on a plane that will take you to the city of Antananarivo, where you will stay at the Central Hotel Tana for the night.

Day 24
On this day (also our last day together), you will have the opportunity to spend a free morning shopping for souvenirs that you can take home with you. During your shopping excursion, you will discover Malagasy handicrafts, local spices such as vanilla, and many more.After shopping, you will be ready to depart to Ivato International airport. You will arrive 2 hours prior to your departure time.
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