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Elewana Serengeti Pioneer Camp

Elewana Serengeti Pioneer Camp provides a clear glimpse of the days when a safari was truly a journey to the mysterious islands flowing with milk and honey.
The dining tent hosts guests for both breakfast and lunch under the clear skies, filled with wonders at different times of the day.
The flushing toilets are glorious and clean, and the showers are set in the analog era to preserve the memories of the twenties, all with en-suite facilities, to name a few.
Elewana Serengeti offers a variety of experiences, such as hot air balloon safaris, which should be booked before entering the park to ensure the best experience for tourists.
Nature walks are a great way to freshen one’s mind as they follow the wildlife to their shelters. The game drives are comfortable, where nothing feels more safari-like than sitting in a 4×4 vehicle and enjoying a cold drink from the mini fridge in the car.
You can also take tours to the surrounding villages, with resident tour guides leading the way, interacting with guests and sharing the history of the camp and the national park.
The camp is located in the south-central Serengeti National Park, a home to a multitude of species and varied vegetation, depending on the area in which it grows.
The landscape includes savanna that is broken down into grasslands, marshes, woodlands, and kopjes. As the dry season approaches, seasonal waterholes dry up, and the grass turns to a golden yellow color.
This is when wildebeests begin their northward trek, while grant’s gazelles, warthogs, and ostriches remain behind to feed on the dried grasses of the plains.
Only species adapted to longer periods without water cross the crossover.
The Serengeti grows different types of grass, including the short grass plains around Ngorongoro that extend into the Serengeti, intermediate grass plains forming a crest shape found west and north of the short grass plains, and the long grass plains where male lions hide and sleep during the day, primarily located in the north of Serengeti and the Seronera area.
Woodlands, while not as dense as forests, are susceptible to bush fires, with riverine forests being rare due to the large rivers drying up from the intense heat of the sun.
There’s no real ending at Elewana Serengeti Pioneer Camp, so don’t worry about where to stop the story; just come and witness nature.

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