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Byona Amagara Island Retreat

Accommodation at Byona Amagara Island Retreat is provided in different categories that is the Dormitories, Amaizir wood cabin, Amagara cottage or Family cottage and the Geodomes. Geodomes are provided in basic and deluxe open air rooms built with local materials and situated in a Lake viewing position with private balconies.

The family cottage comes with two bed rooms and a sitting room furnished with king sized beds and a log bunk bed. The family cottage also comes with sofas, wardrobes, private veranda, private showers and latrines, private garden, spectacular views and can host up to four people.

The wood cabin comes with hot showers and toilet, it’s made up of timber shutters and a papyrus thatched roof and a private deck over viewing the Lake.  This cabin has roll up canvas windows to give you a fresh breeze and lake views and can accommodate up to four people.

Byona Amagara island retreat is situated on the peninsular at Lake Bunyonyi in the south western part of Uganda. It’s one of the best options for travelers looking for a perfect place to relax from after gorilla trekking or those who want to explore the stunning lake Bunyonyi.

Byona Amagara project aims at sustainable development bridging the gap between tourism, agriculture and education. Byona Amagara project uses funds got from tourism is used for running various projects in the community like rural education, organic agriculture, health care maintenance, livelihood level, micro financing and so much more.

Byona Amagara project is a non profit organization; they are also developing a new library and multimedia centre at Itambira Island. All the programs they conduct are based on advancing sustainability in the local community, beyond some of the program areas mentioned, they also maintain various initiatives in ICT technology & training, perm culture, tourism and finance.

It is a good mid-range accommodation facility in Lake Bunyonyi.

Activities around Byona Amagara Island Retreat

  1. Canoeing: Canoeing is the commonly done at activity at lake Bunyonyi, you can explore of the Lakes 29 islands on a local dugout canoe and enjoy spectacular views while watching birds.
  2. Swimming: Swimming is the perfect recreational activity to do after hectic gorilla trekking, the lake is Bilharzias free, hippo and crocodile free making your swimming even better without having to fear wild animals or getting sick.
  3. Visit the locals: You can visit the local Batwa people or Bakiga living around the Lake and learn about their ways of lives, the Batwa were originally forest people who used to live in gorilla forest depending on it for shelter, medicine and food.  They were displaced when the national parks were established but a Batwa guide can take you through the age of the forest while guiding you on how they used to survive in the forest.

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