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Talek River is a seasonal river located within Masai Mara National Reserve and flows through the middle of Masai Mara grassland. Being the longest tributary, it joins Mara River at the border between Kenya and Tanzania. It is greatly affected by climatic changes. For instance, during the dry season, the discharge flow of water in Talek River is low, but it never completely dries up compared to the heavy rainy season, which indicates that the river depends purely on rainy waters. This river has numerous purposes, such as being used for fishing, being depended on by both wildlife and private nearby ranches. It also improves the standards of living in the community through sand harvesting carried out yearly.
Talek River is surrounded by large schools of hippos and hungry crocodiles who target the migrating animals. It’s always a spectacle during the migration months, where birds of different species sweeten the flow of the area with their songs as they fly from one direction to another. Some of the birds include William’s lark, Hinde’s pied-bladder, Aberdare cisticola, Clarke’s weaver, Sharpe’s pipit, Rosy-breasted longclaw, Secretary bird, Red-necked spurfowl, Long-tailed cormorant, African Darter, Grey herons, to mention a few. This has led to the construction of comfortable accommodations in the area for tourists to suit everyone’s taste, such as Mara Big Five Lodge, Mara Duma Luxury Camp, Mara Intrepids Tented Camp, Narasha Guest House, Mara Duma Bush House, Mara Big Five Lodge, Crocodile Camp Masai Mara, Leopard Hill, Mara Leisure Camp. These lodges range from humble to luxury and are well-equipped with dazzling interiors, royal bedrooms, infinity swimming pools, gyms, spas, free WiFi, children’s services (implying that children are also allowed to enjoy the adventure), private balconies, well-spaced parking spaces, to mention but a few.
Note: If you are looking for a cheap hotel, you ought to visit during the low season, especially during the months of July and September.
Hotel room prices vary depending on certain factors, but this should not discourage you since Talek always offers the best. It’s very simple to access these premises; you just need to pay an entry fee and follow all the instructions given to you by the skilled personnel of the area. Normally, road transport is used for those on midrange and humble budgets, while those on luxury trips prefer air transport.
Talek should be your first priority if you visit Africa, as it is the source of both the flora and fauna you would wish to glance at.

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