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Kenya National Parks

Kenya is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, with its national parks offering excellent wildlife viewing and birding opportunities for travelers. Below is a list of national parks found in Kenya:
Amboseli National Park Amboseli National Park is one of the most visited national parks in Kenya, renowned for its superb views of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, which is also the highest mountain in Africa. It is also famous for its free-ranging elephants.
Tsavo East National Park Tsavo East National Park is within the Tsavo Conservation Area and one of the best places for wildlife viewing and birding in Kenya. This park is one of the largest and oldest in Kenya, covering an area of 13,747 square kilometers.
Lake Turkana National Parks Lake Turkana National Parks are located in the remote part of Lake Turkana in the northern part of Kenya. They are composed of a group of three national parks found on an island in Lake Turkana: Central Island National Park, South Island National Park, and Sibiloi National Park.
Lake Naivasha National Park Lake Naivasha National Park is renowned as one of the best birding destinations in Kenya. It mainly consists of Lake Naivasha and the surrounding areas, which provide a habitat for several wildlife species.
Lake Nakuru National Park Lake Nakuru National Park is famous for its millions of flamingoes that reside within the lake and is also a birders’ paradise for several other aquatic birds. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has provided a safe haven for a rhino sanctuary found within the park, along with 56 other mammalian species.
Tsavo West National Park Tsavo West National Park offers some of the best wildlife viewing experiences in the world. The spectacular Mzima Springs is another outstanding attraction within the park, with over 50 million gallons of crystal-clear water. It is also a bird enthusiasts’ destination with several species of birds recorded.
Ruma National Park Ruma National Park is renowned for being home to the beautiful Roan Antelope, a rare sighting in Kenyan national parks. Ruma National Park was gazetted as Lambwe Valley National Reserve and later upgraded to a national park in 1966.
Mount Kenya National Park Mount Kenya National Park is home to Mount Kenya, the highest mountain in the country and the second-highest in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The park was established to protect Mount Kenya, its wildlife, and surrounding areas.
Mount Meru National Park Mount Meru National Park covers an area of 870 square kilometers in central Kenya. It is a birding destination with 427 birds recorded and provides a habitat for wildlife such as black and white rhinos, gazelles, hartebeests, kudus, hippos, zebras, and much more.
Chyulu Hills National Park Chyulu Hills National Park is home to the Chyulu Hills, often known as the green hills of Africa. The park is situated between Amboseli National Park and Tsavo West National Park in Kenya. It is a suitable place for hiking enthusiasts to visit, with some volcanoes having formed about 500 years ago.
Aberdare National Park Aberdare National Park is situated in the Aberdare Mountain Ranges in Kenya. It was established in 1950 to protect the Aberdare Mountains and their surrounding areas. It was in this park in 1952 that the late Queen Elizabeth II found out she was Queen after the death of her father. The park was also an important site for the Mau Mau rebellion fighters in Kenya.
Nairobi National Park Nairobi National Park is located just 7 kilometers outside Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. It offers good wildlife viewing opportunities to visitors, much like other upcountry Kenyan national parks. Nairobi is an ideal place for visitors who don’t have enough time to explore Kenya.
Hell’s Gate National Park Hell’s Gate National Park was established in 1984, offering some of the most beautiful scenic views in the world. It is one of the best places for hiking in the country and is home to numerous wildlife and birds.
Marsabit National Park Marsabit National Park is the best place for viewing large-tusked elephants in Kenya. Located within Mount Marsabit, it is a game park and reserve well-known for its zebra population and as a birding sanctuary.
Mombasa Marine National Park Mombasa Marine National Park is best explored with its nature reserve covering an area of 200 square kilometers, while the park itself covers 10 square kilometers. It is mainly popular for its marine life, but there are also a lot of activities to do while on the coast and in Mombasa town.
Malindi Marine National Park Malindi Marine National Park was established to protect its marine life and surrounding areas. It is one of the best places for snorkeling, scuba diving, and watching marine life in Kenya.
Arabuko Sokoke National Park Arabuko Sokoke National Park contains three forest types and is an area of endemism in Kenya. The park is located in the coastal province and covers an area of 6 square kilometers.
Kisite Mpugunti Marine National Park Kisite Mpugunti Marine National Park is one of the marine national parks in Kenya that remains unspoiled and intact because it is less visited by tourists. It is located near the Tanzanian border close to Mpunguti National Reserve. The park consists of four small islands with outstanding coral reefs.
Kora National Park Kora National Park is situated in Tana River County and was home to the late conservationists Joy and George Adamson. It was first gazetted as a game reserve and later upgraded to a national park following the murder of George Adamson.
Mount Longonot National Park Mount Longonot National Park is home to the magnificent Mount Longonot. The park harbors various wildlife and birds, but the common activities mainly done here include mountain climbing, hiking, and nature-guided walks.
Malka Mari National Park Malka Mari National Park is situated on the Ethiopian border, covering an area of 1,500 square kilometers in Mandera County. This is one of the least visited national parks in the country, making it an ideal place for visitors who have already been to other Kenyan national parks.
Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park is primarily dominated by a forested mountain, making it one of the best places for watching forest birds. Visitors can also engage in wildlife viewing, hiking, and nature-guided walks apart from birding.
Watamu Marine National Park Watamu Marine National Park is one of Kenya’s first marine national parks, located in Watamu, Kenya. It was established to protect marine life and its habitat. The park is home to 110 species of stony coral and over 600 species of fish.

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