Best Kenya Family Safaris & Family-Friendly Travel Packages

For long, Kenya has been offering safe and unforgettable Kenya family safari experiences to tourists when they visit Africa as a family. Kenya family safaris are awesome. You can choose to have fun in the beaches at the Indian Ocean shores, visit the gifted Maasai Mara people and explore the famous game reserves and national parks. Kenya is the second-largest country in East Africa and one of the best when it comes to tourism. Kenya is ranked as one of the best safari destinations in the world with modern infrastructure and a great mixture of flora and fauna. When you go on Kenya family safaris, you will realize this.

Kenya portrays the exact strength of Sub-Saharan Africa regards to travel. It is a perfect destination for both adults & kids. Several interesting films have been shot here for instance ‘Out of Africa’ to mention a few. This demonstrates the beauty and adventure ecstasy that Kenya has. The never-ending plains scattered with herds of buffalos, lions, acacia trees and elephants are all great sights during family travel in Kenya. Kenya is one of the best travel destinations in Africa that you can visit for family safaris. Lets plan your Kenya family safaris today a very affordable costs. Get in touch with us now.

Kenya Family Safari Holidays & Vacation Travel

Traverse Nairobi city while enjoying the beautiful towering buildings very eye-catching and amazing, have photos in the magnificent rift valley and sleep in classic camps, lodges or hotels, depending on your taste and preference. Have fun as a family in the savanna plains of Maasai Mara National park, participating in numerous activities including enjoying a rewarding game drive experience as you track the big five namely; lion, cheetah, Buffalos, Elephants, and leopard, besides the zebras, giraffes, Antelopes, and bird species scattered all over the savannah grasslands.

Have a guided nature walk to stay fit while enjoying so much from the environment, float in a Hot Air balloon while grabbing a panoramic view of the entire field Mara region including some hidden mammals and treasures. From June to September, witness the massive entrance of the wild beasts accompanied by several mammals to Maasai Mara national park from Serengeti during their annual migration, no one can afford to miss.

A moment with the Maasai warriors is very exciting and unforgettable, children socialize with the young Maasai warriors who will put you to the task of learning one or two words from their language, teach visitors how to use the arrow and a bow as well as lighting fire using match sticks. Traditional dance and stories are part of the program as there is a real practical adventure, each family member gets involved.

Visit Lake Nakuru National Park for an amazing glace at one of the largest birds on earth, the flamingoes, relaxing at the shores of the lake, and offering an opportunity of having a classic family photo for the family album, mammals and many more will be bonuses. Amboseli National Park is one of the places not to miss as you feed your eyes with numerous mammals such as lions, leopards, zebras, Antelopes, Buffaloes, and Elephants among others. The tour guides are very committed to ensuring that the entire family is well attended to and each member should be truly satisfied. A family safari is one way of bonding and learning new things outside your daily and usual life, it is time to reconnect with your children and partners, and Kenya offers a peaceful and conducive environment to do so.

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