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Maasai Mara: Exploring Lion Population and Safari Tips

The Masai Mara National Park is home to a significant number of lions, second only to Serengeti National Park. These lions, belonging to the cat family, total approximately 850 to 900 and include both male lions and lionesses that live in territorial groups near prey and water sources.

Their offspring are known as cubs and are typically born with spots on their bodies, which disappear as they mature. The lions face their greatest threat from humans who hunt them, capture them for zoos, or, in some cases, kill them.

Lions within the Reserve exhibit extraordinary abilities, such as climbing and swimming (hunting crocodiles in water), which captivate numerous tourists who come to experience the land of beauty with its abundant carnivores, herbivores, and reptiles, to name a few.

Take the leap now and make the right decision to visit the inviting and adventurous Masai Mara.

What to do in Masai Mara besides viewing lions:

  1. Hot air balloon safari: Tourists have the opportunity to ascend to the skies, where they can observe numerous bird species, such as the African jacana, Goliath heron, and Handsome francolin, which soar overhead. This adventurous experience is typically undertaken at dawn to witness the sunrise and in the evenings to enjoy the serene and refreshing sunset.
  2. Game drives: These drives are led by knowledgeable tour guides who possess extensive knowledge about the local wildlife. Game drives are conducted in vehicles, allowing tourists to observe lions, especially during the dry season when they congregate around waterholes to quench their thirst.
  3. Nature walks: This thrilling activity provides visitors with the opportunity to walk alongside some of the animals, guided by a tour guide, offering a genuine experience of the Masai Mara National Park.
  4. Interaction with the Maasai people: Tourists have the chance to visit Maasai communities and gain insight into their unique cultures and lifestyles.
  5. Scenic views of the boundless horizon: This activity allows visitors to admire the African landscape and vegetation, providing a breathtaking visual experience.

Where to stay in Masai Mara:

The Masai Mara National Park offers various accommodation options, including luxury, mid-range, and more humble choices:


  • Olarro Plains
  • Neptune Mara Rianta Luxury
  • Castle Mara Camp
  • Mtito Safari Camp


  • Sand River Masai Mara
  • Olengo Eco Safari Camp
  • Richard Forest Camp
  • Saruni Mara Camp
  • Mara Ngenche
  • Keekorok Lodge


  • Mara Olapa Camp
  • Mara Intrepids Tented Camp
  • Mara Maisha Camp
  • Fig Tree Camp
  • Olare Mare Kempinski Masai Mara

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