Best way to Survive a Gorilla Attack

Gorillas are very peaceful and calm primates in the world though they have often been mistaken to very violent, mountain gorillas will only attack humans or other animals when their disturbed and not comfortable with their presence.

Best way to Survive a Gorilla Attack

How to Survive Gorilla Attacks

Gorillas are very strong and will defend their families in case of trouble or and as soon as they sense danger they will react with beating their chests, make loud grants, propping itself on two hind legs and if the attacker doesn’t move away by those warnings a gorilla will attack by scratching, vicious bites, strikes and can even drag one way by hand or leg. Below are some of the ways you can survive a gorilla attack in case of gorillas charge at you.

Walk away steadily

Mountain gorillas will sometimes charge when they feel insecure during the observation hour while trekking gorillas, tourists are advised to slowly step back and walk away steadily from the gorilla scene. Never ran away from a charged gorilla because they will run after you to attack and no human being is capable of fighting and defeating a mountain gorilla.

Crouching down

Crouching down while a mountain gorilla is attacking is very advisable, you have to bend down and make yourself small before a mountain gorilla. When a mountain gorilla sees that you’re not interested in challenging them they will calm down and have no reason for attacking you.

Follow gorilla trekking rules and regulations

To avoid mountain gorillas from any attempts of attacking, you have to follow the gorilla trekking rules and regulations. Your guide ranger will always give you guidelines of the dos and don’ts while in the presence of mountain gorillas in case they attack.

Pretend to be an Ape

One of the ways to survive a mountain gorilla attack is by behaving like a gorilla when a charged gorilla comes towards you, you can do so by pretending to chew vegetation, plucking leaves and napping on the ground and break some vegetation. You can pretend to be one of the forest dwellers and a gorilla will lose interest in attacking you.

Show your teeth

Mountain gorillas may sometimes attack humans very closely and if there is no chance of stepping back and crouching, visitors are advised to show their teeth to a charged gorilla and endeavour to scream this will by chance scare the gorilla away thinking you’re another wild gorilla.

Never look directly into gorillas eyes

For some unknown reasons, mountain gorillas do not love to be looked at directly in the eyes and in case they charge, you’re advised to avoid direct eye contact with the gorillas and pretend to be less interested this will make them calm down.

Keep a distance from gorillas

Tourists are advised to keep a distance of at least 7 meters from mountain gorillas, you cannot touch gorillas because they are wild animals except if they come near you or touch you by themselves without posing any threat. Getting close to these apes will make them to charge.

In conclusion, mountain gorillas usually don’t attack people except if they are disturbed and they always send warnings before charging. The best way to survive a mountain gorilla attack is to follow the gorilla trekking rules and regulation given at the briefing before trekking and also follow the park rangers guidelines while in the presence of mountain gorillas.

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