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Niyo Art Gallery

Niyo art gallery is an exceptional art gallery in the heart of Kigali, set up in order to use contemporary arts, music dance and drama as a medium of change for underprivileged societies. It was set up by Niyonsenga Pacifique, a musician, artist and former street child to help support street children like him achieve a better future and education.

Niyonsenga grew up on the street and was given a better life and chance to education by a Canadian benefactor, Bruno, that helped him become the success he is today. It is upon this history that he set up Niyo art gallery to support children in similar situations with a mission to use artistic expression as a poverty eradication medium.

Most of the revenue generated and donations given at the gallery go into school fees and buying necessities for these children. It also aims at supporting single mothers and children living in poverty. Over 125 children are supported under this cause and take part in all activities of the gallery. These always enchanted and happy souls perform dances to entertain visitors, play instruments and create beautiful art pieces that are displayed or sold to support the gallery and cater for their healthcare, food, clothing and education.

On a tour at Niyo art gallery, you can get involved in these performances or watch the children paint or learn how to paint and possibly get to buy a beautiful piece for yourself. This gallery empowers young people to be creative and develop skills to help them thrive through life.

Niyo art gallery is a beautiful collection of art pieces, patterns and creations, splashing with color and neatly put together. It displays works of Rwandan artists and other artists from the region. This gallery is stimulatingly beautiful and gives the experience of a new world all together; walls and floors are beautifully painted and the gallery beams with lots of creative works and comes lively with striking graphics.

It is surely an inspiring sight for anyone with artistic ambitions. Niyo gallery offers space in the residence for 17 artists from the region to explore their creativity and come up with beautiful pieces. These can be visited as they work to see how they explore their creativity and to get inspiration from their works. You could also explore restaurants around to enjoy Rwanda’s cuisine, as well as spend a night in the rooms near this gallery for a more diverse understanding on the lives of these children, artists and Rwandan traditions altogether.

Niyo Art gallery is one of the best galleries and authentic displays of art in East Africa and Africa at large, and should be put on one’s bucket list during their safari in Rwanda. You could combine a trip to Niyo art gallery with one to Inema Art Centre, Ivuka Arts Studio Centre, Caplaki Handicrafts Cooperative, Natural History Museum – Kandt House, and Dancing Pots, which equally have a great display of Africa’s creative crafts and innovation.

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