Mountain Gorilla Diet

Mountain gorillas are an endangered species of great apes that inhabit Virunga national park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Volcanoes national park in Rwanda and Mgahinga and Bwindi national park in Uganda. Mountain gorillas are a subspecies of Eastern gorillas, gorillas are divided into four subspecies of mountain gorillas, eastern low land gorillas, and western low land gorillas and cross river gorillas. These entire subspecies have a slight difference in body shape and their habitat.

Mountain Gorilla Diet

What do Mountain Gorillas eat?

Mountain gorillas mainly eat vegetables sticking to stems, leaves, bamboo shoot, fruits, pith, moth, roots, and grubs and sometimes supplement their diet with termites, ants, and insects. Mountain gorillas can break termite nests to eat larva.

Fruits make about 25% of gorilla diet, they move in a range of 3-6 kilometers squared each day looking for food.  Gorillas eat more fibrous foods than other primates they most times rely on diet availability than diet selection.

Gorillas are fond of eating high sugar foods and low fiber foods containing tannin ratios, high protein, and sugar. Occasionally gorillas also eat ash and soil which helps them in regulating their digestive system.

An adult male mountain gorilla can consume up to 30 kilograms of vegetation in a day while an adult female gorilla can consume about 18 kilograms of vegetation in a day, mountain gorillas eat about 250 species of plants.

Mountain gorillas rarely drink water because most of the diet they consume has got a high percentage of water, they a set of 32 teeth just like humans which helps them to chew the vegetation they consume though adult males develop canines when they mature which they use for fighting.

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