How long does gorilla trekking last?

Though mountain gorillas don’t usually move like chimpanzees, trekking mountain gorillas is somehow easier than trekking chimpanzees though the time for trekking gorillas cannot be predicted because it depends on how the move and the location of a gorilla family.

How long does gorilla trekking last

Trekking mountain gorillas can take from 30 minutes to 7 hours and sometimes this can also depend on the physical fitness and ability of the group because they adjust to the slowest person in the group while trekking mountain gorillas. Training before embarking on a gorilla safari is always guaranteed as gorillas live on higher elevations of rain-forests that will require hiking.

Some mountain gorilla families live near the park headquarters where you start your gorilla trekking from or near the lodges within the park, this are the easiest gorilla families to trek and usually take few hours to locate the family compared to other families that live deep in the forest.

During the allocation of gorilla families at the morning of gorilla trekking and briefing, the old and elderly people are allocated to easier groups to trek while the youthful and strong tourists will be allocated to other families though sometimes the nearest gorilla family groups can also move very far and trekking them will take many hours.

When trekking mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda, endeavor to always book accommodation in the sector where you have acquired the permit from because booking accommodation and permits in different sectors will cost you more time travelling to the starting point and you will need to wake up very early.

In conclusion, the gorilla trekking time cannot easily be determined but depends on the location of the gorilla family and the hiking phase of the group.

The prices of gorilla permits differ depending on the country where you will trek gorillas from, gorilla permits should be obtained through the respective governing bodies of that specific country or by a trusted tour operator. Rwanda charges $1500 per person, Uganda gorilla permits cost $600 per person and Congo offers the lowest prices of $400 per person for peak season and $200 during the low season.

Uganda also offers gorilla habituation experience and permits cost $1500. Permits should always be obtained in advance of 3 months before coming to the country.

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