Kundelungu National Park

Kundelungu National Park Congo

Kundelungu national park derives its name from Kundelungu plateau in which it’s found at Katanga province in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the park was established in 1970 covering 7,600 kilometers squared which used to be a hunting reserve before it was declared a national park.

Kundelungu National Park

Kundelungu national park can be reached 180 kilometers from Lubumbashi, the park is endowed with beautiful Lofoi waterfalls which are 384 meters high and it’s connected by Lake Upemba an ecological corridor that adjoins to Katanga region. Kundelungu national park is characterized by savannah grasslands, Miombo woodlands, forest galleries, and a very fascinating landscape.

Wildlife, Birding & Swimming

Kundelungu national park boasts with numerous wildlife for example; jackals, antelopes, warthogs, buffalos, hippos, warthogs, porcupines, impalas, zebras, buffalos, leopards,  cheetahs, and several primate species like olive baboons, monkeys and so much more though wildlife is rarely seen.

Kundelungu national park is endowed with various bird species some of which are endemic to this area some of the examples include; marabou storks, racket-tailed roller, honey guide green belt, wattled crane, chestnut owlet, shoebill, Angola lark, grey throated barbet, Madagascar Bee-eater and African fish eagle to mention a few.

The magnificent Lofoi waterfalls provide a pool a stunning swimming pool where tourists can relax from, the Lofoi waterfalls stand 384 metres high there are also other waterfalls of Lutshipuka and Masansa. You can also take nature guided walks and encounter more wildlife especially primates and birds.

Upemba National Park, Kundelungu’s Sister

Upemba national park is sometimes referred to as a sister park to Kundelungu tourists can combine their tour to Kundelungu with a visit to Upemba national park, Upemba covers 10,000 kilometers squared being home to 1,800 species of plants characterized by Miombo woodlands, riparian zones, wetlands, swamps, lakes, and rainforests.

Upemba national park is endowed with wildlife such as zebras, buffalos, elephants, lions and various species of birds. The park provides visitors with a fascinating experience with stunning views.

Getting There

The park can be reached with 2 hours from Lubumbashi but tourists must use a four-wheel drive vehicle to travel especially in the wet season when the roads leading to the park become impassable. There are hardly any accommodation units at the park yet but tourists can sleep at Katwe or camp at the top of the waterfalls but will need to carry their own camping gears.

Kundelungu national park can be visited all year round though the best time is from June to August when its dry season the vegetation is not thick making it easy to spot wildlife.

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