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Kagitumba Border Post

Kagitumba border post/the Kagitumba-Mirama Hills One-Stop Border Post is one of the main border crossings connecting Rwanda and Uganda or vice versa. It is one of the busiest border points with huge traffic in addition to Katuna and Cyanika points. Since 2018, this border has been operating 24/7.

Kagitumba border post plays a significant role in tourism and cross border trading between these two land locked countries – Rwanda and Uganda. The passengers can cross at any time and its creation was intended to normalize traffic from the Katuna border. This border post was upgraded to One Stop Border in 2015 and just like the other popular border points such as Katuna / Gatuna or Cyanika, Kagitumba receives huge numbers of trucks and buses that cross to both countries.

The round-the-clock service is available at Kagitumba and it is aimed at ensuring efficient service delivery. In the long run, this will enhance guest satisfaction. Kagitumba like Gatuna mainly handles freight transporters who connect from Mombasa port in Kenya to Rwanda, Burundi and D.R. Congo via Uganda.

Mirama Hills.

Mirama hills are situated in Ntugoma district, Ankole sub-region. Ntugoma lies near the Uganda and Rwanda borders and intersection with Tanzania. By road, getting there, it is about 350kms drive from Kampala and from the heart of Ntungamo town, about 30kms.

The Kagitumba and Mirama Hill one-stop-border post plays a great part especially in reducing on the time period heavy cargo is transported around East Africa. The Kagitumba-Mirama border post is the shortest route and it is less challenging to cross from Uganda to Rwanda unlike the Gatuna/Cyanika borders.

During construction of the Kagitumba-Mirama border, the 37km Ntungamo-Mirama hills route was upgraded. Unlike before, transporters can now spend fewer hours navigating through. Before, it was challenging connecting between the two countries through this route due to poor road, high transportation costs and more.

Other border posts serving Uganda and Rwanda.

Gatuna/Katuna border – this offers easy connection to tourists and cargo from Rwanda to Kabale or vice versa. It also offers easy access to the key gorilla trekking destinations in both countries; Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Southwestern Uganda or cross to Rwanda and visit Volcanoes National Park for mountain gorilla trekking.

How significant is the Gatuna border? This border is one of the valuable East African borders. It doesn’t only offer easy access to Kigali/Rwanda, but also links to Mombasa port in Kenya plus several other cities in East Africa. Over 2518 trucks on average pass via the Gatuna border each month and they connect to Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi and the Eastern D.R. Congo.

Cyanika border – this serves best the travelers who want to connect to Kisoro and proceed to their journeys. For those who are interested in gorilla safaris, you can easily connect to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park a home to both golden monkeys and mountain gorillas.

With availability of these and more border posts, crossing from Rwanda to Uganda or Uganda to Rwanda is easier. All borders have now fully re-opened and business has resumed which marked the end of a 3-year impasse between the two states.

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